A Cackle Or A Crackle?

Evening to all my polish pals! Hope you are all enjoying Halloween? How are/did you chose to spend it? Special thanks and hugs to my bestie, Annabell for lending me her crackle polish. I had never used the brand before, nor tried crackle polishes so it was an interesting experience!
Crackle, Shatter, Smash!

Using my best friend Annabell's Crackle top coat!
I used Nubar's 'Innocent Whispers' (which is a very sheer beautiful colour that bends between blue and liclacy-purple in different lights) in two coats before applying Annabell's Collection 2000 'nail smash' black top coat. The result? Very different to how I expected. I expected more of a veining effect, more cracks and less gaps. I can not say if this is down to the polish or if it was down to how I applied it. I think I'm going to give this polish another go sometime before the weekend, maybe apply it over a nice gradient to see if it gives it more Oompf!

Pictured with the base colour, Nubar's Inncocent Whisper's

Sadly for me it was a cosy night in feeling unwell missing a good friends Halloween party.
None the less I am feeling optimistic and had a wonderful surprise today. I went into town for a meeting and met my mum afterwards. She showed me a couple of books she bought for my niece and then told me to look in the other bag. My lovely mum had bought me a nail art kit. I assumed this was for my birthday in December but it wasn't. If ever there’s a treat on Halloween its buying a nail polish junkie their first nail art pens! I could tell you a million and one stories about why this lady is fantastic. Its nothing to do with things like this.. There's not a day that goes by I am not grateful to have her!  

Tonight I did my first freehand nail look with art pens. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad for a first attempt! sadly I could not get the lighting right to picture them at all. I'll stick to photographing during the day!

What do you guys think about Crackle polishes? Love them? Hate them?  Found any cool tricks or tips?

I told you guys I could babble for England! 
Hope you've had a wonderful day. I look forward to catching up with you beauties soon! 



  1. i love crackle! i really like how you layered this!

  2. There's nothing like a mum in the world to cheer up a moment! (well maybe a son/daughter, but you're still young to know, LOL!) I miss my mum, can't wait to see her again, will be travelling to my home country mid December and stay there for the Holidays, so looking forward to it!
    I can't think of any better occasion than Halloween to rock crackle polish!


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