Flutterby Blue Butterfly

Hello guys! Hope your all having a great start to the week. Who’s looking forward to Halloween?
Do you all have special plans? I am hoping to work on a zombie make up look for you when I get enough time :) Today I am showing you an eye-shadow look I did yesterday using big flutter long lashes. Its not a look I would wear out everyday but I remembered I had these lashes and thought I'd rekindle my love for them. Needless to say that not using them in over..a year (I think) gave me a few little problems. Please excuse how tired my eyes are looking. Too many late nights lately!

Greens and Blues
 'Little Wings' Fluttery Lashes from Urban Decay

Inner Corner: TKB - 'Breath of Spring'.
Center: Pureluxe -'Shameless'.
Outer V: Pureluxe – 'Glory'.
Upper Lashline: Mac Fluidiline -Blacktrack.
Lashes : Urban Decay - 'little wings' and Benefit Bad Gal mascara.

Hey do you ladies ever wonder what to do on your nails next? I am having that problem right now. I have far too much choice and ideas to pick just one. I guess its a good thing and I'll just go for the first one at the top of my list! Have a fantastic Monday! 



  1. Beautiful look, and your lashes are simply stunning! Too many ideas? save some for when you're out of inspiration, haha!

    1. Thanks Natalia, your right! I guess its a good thing and will come in handy!

  2. This is so amazing!! I could never pull it off but it still looks so cool.

    1. Thank you! Its not something I would wear out every day but its fun to do once in a while! :)

  3. wow this looks so beautiful! its a statement but in the most graceful way :)


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