A Sky Full Of Rain Clouds

Allo polish Pals!
Have you had a fan-tabulous week? I hope you all did, to those who had their Thanks Giving yesterday, I hope you had a great holiday

I am working hard on ¾ nail looks a day while my boyfriend is in the Czech Republic so that when I go to see him in December I can post enough on scheduled blogging. I wont want to write blogs while I am there but I will have my laptop to reply to all my lovely polish sista's.

 Today's post is bought to you after the recent flooding in my part of England. We have more to come over the weekend and the beginning of the week it seems. I used the nail art pens my Skeebab (mum) bought me a short while ago.. I'd love to get good using these bad boys!

Rainy Day Nails.. I should start building some kind of raft!

One of my few freehand tries with nail art pens.

For my base I used Models Own Grey Day, Blended in Essie's Cocktail bling and on the tips added a little Essie's Bikini So Teeny. I really don't think the gradient shows in these pictures at all.. Sigh :(
I think I could have really done with a darker grey under 'Grey Day' to really show a colour shift and have more contrast. Lesson learnt.
Rain and clouds where badly drawn using Rio nail art pens/brushes.

Barely visible gradient.

What do you think? The gradient does not show as much as it ought to. I dislike my freehand nail art but I know it will hopefully get better the more I do it. Do you think I got the Gloomy rainy days to reflect in this look?

Enjoy your weekend, Beauties!


  1. I love it! Here in Germany we have enough rain and this would be the perfect mani for us ;)

  2. So pretty and very well themed for all this terrible weather xx

    1. Thanks Louise, Hope the weather isn't too bad where you are! South-west is just dreadful!

  3. This mani is too cute! I think it turned out beautifully!

  4. Hi Ithfifi, I'm so behind reading my fav blogs! Sorry about that.
    I do see the gradient, and think its' perfect. And I'm loving your little clouds, so cute! You totally pinned the weather forecast! lol
    I've picked a red glitter at H&M's yesterday (thought about your post)!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! and thank you in advance for the post you're already preparing for us! can't wait to see.

    1. Thanks Natalia! No problem. I think we all get a little behind at our daily blogs sometimes. Wow I hope you swatch and review your new glitter polish! I've never been into red polishes but seeing how the bottle looked of my last review.. I'd like to own one! I'm a little behind on posting as I am trying to plan in advance AND still post daily, eesh! :) Hope you had a great weekend! xxx


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