An Interesting Brew With Klean Color

Allo polish Pals!
I hope the weekend has been kind to you all? Apologises for my absence the last few days. I've had a pretty crummy cold as well as trying to juggle a few things! Hopefully it'll be back to normal around here. I've got a few new things to show you in the next few days. Lots of swatches and reviews and some experimental things I want to try.

Today I am showing you a look I created with Klean Color 'Chucky Holo Black'. I have the mini collection to show you too in the upcoming days.

Klean Color 'Chunky Holo Black'

I almost can't decide if I love of hate this.. I used two layers of an old OPI polish. I honestly can not tell you the name of the shade despite stalking the internet for answers but it was a very deep red, with the slightest gold sheen. On top I added Klean Color's Chunky Holo Black in two coats. As you can see for yourself the results are...interesting. In some light it just appears like a red glitter/holo look, in other lighting it bends towards greens, yellows and oranges.

I do like how 'deep' this looks. The shine is brilliant with a layer of Seche Vite top coat and it looks like the layers of glitter will carry on forever. It really did have a great dimension to it.
What colour does this want to be?

What do you think of this look? A beauty or a beast? Do you think you could wear it?
What odd colour holographic/glitter combinations have you come up with?

Enjoy the start to your weekend!



  1. What is it not to love! I think it's exceptional! It's such a rare duochrom-ish glitter, it's genius! I so want this now...

  2. Just remember I used a dark red polish underneath, I can see myself having so much fun with this mini set, every colours going to look different on top of any polish! xx

  3. I think we are all getting hit with a cold. My daughter just got over hers. I really REALLY like this manicure. The glitters go fabulous on what basecost that is. Almost christmasy for the holidays.

  4. Hmmm, I can't decide if I like it. I have China Glaze "Make A Spectacle" and it looks almost the same over dark colors. I do not like it when the glitter leans toward bright green. But it might look great over light shades.


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