China Glaze ~ Nude Swatch & Review

Allo polish Pals!
Hope your having a sparkly Tuesday, How is your week going? I'm still being a busy bee working on getting those scheduled posts ready for while I am away in Holland. Polish polish everywhere, but that’s how we like it! I slightly feel like I can't keep up/collect enough posts, phew. I am happy to tell you I attempted a water marble look which I will show you tomorrow ~ I'm actually happy with the results hurrah! But for today I am showing you a China Glaze review, read on to find out how I got on with 'Nude'.

China Glaze - Nude.
A Creamy Natural Nude.

Colour ~ First impressions are very good! In the bottle it looks like a very feminine milky apricot. Its like, subtle. I initially worried it may look weird on my nails. I like my brighter more vivid colours. Would it be too pale for my skin, would it clash? Once applied in two coats I was even more impressed. The colour is true to bottle. In my opinion what you see is what you get. A beauty creamy milky apricot that almost looks just too delicious!

Texture ~ Puuurfectly smooth. I was seriously taken to how smooth this looked. It had a perfect reflective sheen even before I added my top coat of Seche Vite. I know this is cheesy since it comes from China Glazes but it has that perfectly polished glaze look!

Application ~ Just dandy, it went on like icing. No chalky looking effects, no streaking. I added two coats (as mentioned) and that was just fine for me. It wasn't too opaque but it still had that very light reflective look.

Overall ★ ★★★★ /5 ~ Yes Ithi approves this polish worthy of five stars! While it may only be a nude this is a nude I will never be without. Overall there’s not one category I can be negative about, everything about this polish just works so well together. I can see myself using this for many things, from simple cute manicures with added glitz to being bases for my water marble manicures. Not to mention she's a beauty to stamp upon!
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What do you think of 'Nude'? Do you already have a favorite nude already?
Would you consider adding this China Glaze polish to your collection?

Happy polishing, my pretties! :)


  1. this is soooo pretty! great review!

  2. Wonderful review!
    I never tried this one, and I don't own many China Glaze polishes. I suspect is a little too fair for my skin tone, but since it is quite sheer it might work.
    I do have some nudes I like, but I don't think they're perfect, in fact I always have to struggle the application a little. So this sounds like a perfect addition to my collection!

    1. It is quite sheer, Nati. But its also very build-able. I would say its almost perfect depending on what coverage you want! I know what you mean about struggling with the application, I love Zoya 'Cho' but that's tricky as any thing! xx

  3. It looks great. Many nude polishes looks too pastelly and this looks great. I have Sensuous from China Glaze but that one is much more sheer, more suitable for a base for french manicures. :) Think I might buy this in the future! :D

  4. I'll have to check out sensuous. I know what you mean Nude isn't at all pastelly or chalky, its a great polish! :) xx

  5. Well, this one just went on my wish list!! Great review!!

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