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Happy Saturday, Polish Pals!
How is your weekend going? Hope its fantastic! I visited my Dad today in hospital and while he is still very unwell and will be on medication for life he seems to be recovering well. Many sighs of relief.

Today I have a nail polish look for you that has received very mixed reviews. I was still sporting Models Own Grey Day this morning when I remembered an old painting I did a couple years back. It was my second water colour painting and I decided I would try to imitate the background!
Grungey Arty Nails.

Not far from the background..?

On top of Model's Own 'Grey Day' and then dabbed on Essie's Over The Edge, Nubars White Tip using cellophane. I also applied Models Own Pro matte coat before finally dabbing on some of Nubar's Impulsive Silver. In certain light the silver catches the light just like the picture which is actually very very shimmery.

The Whole Thang.
My sister very bluntly told me what she thought of this look and she really wasn't impressed. My mum on the other hand loved it. I wanted it to look similar to the picture background and at least have that 'Painters table at the end of the day' look! A little grungey I suppose!

What do you guys think? Are you for or against this look? Are you a fan of using cellophane on nail art?

Now its time to eat steak at my Sisters house :) Enjoy your Saturday!



  1. So sorry about your dad. I hope he gets well soon.
    I like this look so much! I think you totally capture the background you wanted to reproduce. I've never heard of cellophane technique though... would you show it once? like a tutorial I mean, would you?

    1. Thank you! Like I said on your blog, I will do a tutorial :) I'll do it in brighter colours so its easier to see too! :)

  2. i love this look, really raw! many thoughts for your dad!

  3. Thats awful to hear about your dad but I hope he has a good recovery from whatever happened. On the other note, that painting is amazing and very inspiring and from what I can tell on my iphone, the nails look very close to the real thing. Keep it up, because
    I really enjoy visiting this specific blog quite often :D

    1. Thank you so much Samantha! That's really lovely :D I will do! xx

  4. Sorry to here about your dad, I hope he recovers quickly! I love your paint its so gorgeous, and the nails match it perfectly :)

    Jazz x

  5. Wow. I'm yet to try this technique but I love your grey and silver version. Very striking. Glad your dad is recovering well :)


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