Models Own: Gold Rush Swatch and Review

Allo again, polish Pals!
Hope your all sparkling! I'm glad its Friday aren’t you? Another week down and a week closer to going to Holland to see my man :) Just a short and sweet post from me today, sorry that’s the case but I've been having a few bothers lately. So I thought I would finally show you my swatches from Model's Own's 'Gold Rush'.

Like a Gold Rush straight to my purse!
Read on for my crazy Déjà vu comparison of this shade.

I applied two coats of gold rush and that did the trick for me. If your looking for a subtle gold I would advice to steer clear. While I think its a wonderful true gold shade packed full of shimmer Gold Rush is the least subtle gold there might be. Its beautiful paired with many colours, beautiful to be stamped over and has so much going for it but if you prefer your less 'in your face' golds then this may not be the one for you. When you see it in the bottle it looks like you'd expect liquid gold to look!

When I glanced at my freshly painted nails I had a moment of Déjà vu when I first saw how it looked on my nails. Where have I seen this gold before..? Then it struck me. It reminded me a lot of Kylie's Hot pants! from her iconic music video Spinning Me Around.

What I really love about this polish is how it applied. Its very thin, almost watery in consistency which means your going to get a clean coating. Not too much goop and a nice thin build-able layer.
I always think its better to start with less and add more if need be ~ I am a cutical flooder so this way of thinking is working out well. All said, I love this polish and I am glad I added it to my collection. Its my first gold and seeing as I needed a gold this is certainly 'gold enough' to start with! How many gold shades do you own?
Excuse the cuticle floodage!

I do intend on doing more 'arty' things soon! I'm working with a florescent light system kindly borrowed from my dad so I can hopefully get better at taking pictures in the evening :)

What do you guys think of Gold Rush? Is this too gold for you?
Do you get my crazy comparison?!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Losta Love


  1. I've been waiting for this! Thanks so much for the swatch! It looks intense, and mostly warm shade of gold (am I right?) well if that's the case, I'm all in! I find that warmer shades of gold suit my skin tone better, this one is a stunner in my opinion.

  2. My bad, I really ought to describe the colours better! Yes its just warmth warmth warmth with Gold rush, no silver creeping in. Just pure yellow and warm tones :) Thank you! I still owe you a tutorial! Hopefully I can get some time on Sunday to get it done! xx

  3. Wow, this is one gorgeous gold! It's so rich and vibrant! :-)

    ~ Yun


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