Models Own: Grey Day Swatch and Review

Allo Polish Pals,
Hope your enjoying the end to your week. I want to thank those who leave comments and have been following me. I've only been blogging for a couple of weeks or so but I feel very welcomed into the blogging community ~ Thank you! It especially means so much today after my poor Dad was taken into hospital. Its a really hard time. So why am I blogging today? I need to take my mind off of it if I am honest with you. I'll be seeing him tomorrow and I can't wait to tell him that I love him.

So here's today's polish review. Number 2 on my Models Own nail polish review is a little beauty called 'Grey Day' but don't be fooled by the bleak name because she has a lot to offer!
Keeping Positive With Grey Day

Grey Day has the most unbelievable shine and gloss to it. I applied two coats and before I even had chance to apply my Seche Vite top coat I was amazed. Wow! Grey Day had the most beautiful mirror-gloss like affect. I couldn't stop gazing after that since they looks so sophisticated. I did apply two coats although one would have been fine..Two coats is just my general preference.
I can also tell you ladies that just like the Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' glitter polish she applied smoothly. 2/4 Models Own polishes and I have to resist from ordering more.

You wouldn't believe the shine that Gray Day has to offer.
Why am I so excited about a grey polish? I can see this shade is going to be wonderful paired with so many shades and so many stamps. Are greys a big part of your collection?

So what do you guys think about the look of 'Grey Day'? Do you like to add new greys to your collection or is collecting greys like buying a new school uniform to you?



  1. This is very beautiful and elegant. I only own 2 grey polishes! and one of them is among my untried, LOL!

  2. Ive never been too fond of gray only for the fact that I prefer bright colors. Ill need to come across some seriously amazing gray polish to be swayed.

    1. I'm the same, I prefer my brights too. Just something about this one that makes me intrigued. Mostly because of how glossy it is!

  3. This is a great colour and you are right will be great paired with many other colours. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pale or dove grey. Any ideas? Xx


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