Nails Inc - Covent Garden Market Swatch & Review

Allo polish pals!
Hows this Thursday treating you? To my American polish addictee's, I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Thanks Giving. Crazy times here in my corner of England as once again we've had incredibly strong winds (for England, anyway) and none stop rain. The garden is now like 3ft under water and start of my road is flooded over.

Today I am bring you a review of a glitter polish from Nails Inc, Covent Garden Market.

The Most Baffling Glitter I've Ever Met.
I have to warn you.. This is a very mixed review. With some very unsightly pictures but that’s what reviews are for right, honest opinions!

The apparence of the glitter... Just doesn't tickle my fancy.
Colour ~ First glance of the bottle I am in love. I seriously couldn't wait to get this on my nails and test it out. Its described as “Full coverage ruby red glitter“. It however has absolutely no base colour and is just pure glitter. Looking at it in the bottle I couldn't agree more to it being a 'ruby'. It personally screams “No place like home” and looks like a red glitter Dorothy would be proud of. However while directly under light its beautiful low light too. The reason I took low light pictures if because the sparkles just wouldn't sparkle and perform for the camera. But why? Glitters are supposed to.. glitter.. Instead at certain times all I am looking at is a very dull 'glitter'

Texture ~ I told you my polish pals, something I just can not tolerate is a horrible texture when it comes to nail polish. Running my finger tips over this polish leaves me with a feeling of touching grains of salt. It just not pleasant however that could just be my aversion to nitty gritty textures.

Application ~ I had absolutely no problems applying Covent Garden Market. I built up 2 layers on top of a bright red polish. One coat left it a little patchy but the second coat completely took care of that. It also had a pretty good dry time.

Overall ★ ★ /5 ~ In my opinion I am glad I only have a mini bottle. While its super cute to glance down at while its on my nails I personally think the cons out weigh the pros. I know if I wanted to find myself a red glitter I would be able to find one with less of a gritty texture and a more true, less temperamental  glitter.

What do you guys think? Would you try this polish if you havn't already? Have you already found your perfect red glitter?

Enjoy the rest of your day!


  1. It definitely looks like something Dorothy would wear, however I can see what you mean about the dull glitters. It doesn't look that way in the bottle at all, but thats probably because they're all clustered together. I would totally wear something similar looking to this color, but probably not that one in specific because I hate gritty glitter polishes too.

    1. Yeah I guess your right, I hate how deceiving some polishes can look! :P I am eventually going to look for a version of this with less grit for sure. xx

  2. The perfect red glitter for me is Barry M Red Glitter. Perfect coverage in two coats but does need a thick slick of top coat to even it out. It doesn't need a base colour but I wore it over Barry M Bright Red and only needed one coat of glitter for full cover :)

    1. Ah thanks Louise, I am going to have to check that polish out. Barry M are such a good brand, I felt guilty I had a couple lying around and never really gave them time until recently! :O xx

  3. Oh, what a glittery deception! it looks so awesome in the bottle! I don't feel like trying this one after your post, specially because nails inc aren't the cheapest out there.
    I don't have many red glitters, and I'm not seeking for "the perfect one" but I do have two new sitting among my untried (one costed me 50çents so I'm not expecting a lot! and the other has a black jelly base and some hex sequins).
    Weather sucks here too, but not as much as there, lol!
    Wishing you a great Friday! xx

    1. I hear ya! That's why I'm relieved it was a mini from a collection and I didn't pay the full price for the full sized, phew! I'm looking forward to seeing your black based jelly, that sounds cute! Hope you have some brighter weather soon! xx

  4. beautiful colour :)

  5. lovely post :)
    I like your blog,would You like to follow each other ? just let me know dear :)
    XO MP


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