China Glaze ~ Below Deck Swatch & Review

Allo polish Pals,
How is the start to your weekend going? I had intended to show you something arty today, one of my favorite colour combinations but unfortunately I'm really sick (So soon before trip, typical!) and the colours just wouldn't unleash themselves in front of the camera so I decided not to stress about it today and I'd show you another little beauty from China Glaze.

China Glaze's 'Below Deck'

Gettin' Down With Below Deck. A Marvelous Mauve.

Colour ~ When I first set my eyes upon Below Deck I was instantly drawn to it. In some light it looks like a rather vague brown but BD has a wonderful soft muted purple that pops out. Its fun but sophisticated at the same time. A sexy smouldering mauve would be a great way to describe it. I also applied a matte top coat (Models Own Pro Matte) on top and it produced a slightly lighter version, it was still gorgeous!

Coverage ~ Very good, no streaky issues. I applied my usual two coats but like the previous china glaze I have reviewed that was really all that was needed. Its the perfect creme-like formula that means it coats the nail beautifully.

Application ~ Perfect application. No streaks, perfect consistency. After applying the first coat which went on super smooth I did decide to do opt for my usual two; However I'm not entirely sure I really needed to. It was wonderful to apply. I would even say.. Creamy like a dreamy.

Overall ★ ★★★★ /5 ~ Another winning polish here, It has that typical classy shine that I am beginning to expect from all China Glaze polishes, its soft, muted and very versatile with so many other colours. It applies amazingly and it lasts as long as you'd expect. Definitely a thumbs up from me.

Below Deck With A Matte Top Coat.

What do you guys think of Below Deck? Do you prefer it with the matte top coat or prefer the glossy version? Are you a fan of muted purples?

Thanks for reading guys! Perhaps its back to bed for me. I need to be back to my healthy-state before my big trip of Saturday! Eesh! Couldn't have happened at a worse time, eh?
Enjoy your day :)



  1. Hi! I awarded you with the "Blogging Your Heart Out" Award! See more here:

  2. Get well soon! This polish is a beauty especially in matte. I have to buy a good matte top coat next month...

  3. For me I love the shine of a good polish but its fun to experiment with matte. Get well soon xx

  4. This is not the kind of color I would go for. But it is pretty in a way :-)

  5. I just love these types of colors! This is really pretty on you, and I think it looks great matte AND shiny!

  6. I love this color! I prefer it shiny even if I love the matte look too :)

  7. Hi Ithi, I missed your post yesterday! I hope you're doing better already, take care! The polish is beautiful, it reminds me a little of Essie Merino cool, but a tad more red and darker. I prefer the glossy version! But that's just me.
    As you know :) I love your blog <3 and nominated you for a Liebster award. I invite you to open the link to get the award and find out all the details:


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