Dutch Flag Nails With Love

Allo polish pals! Hope you are all doing well? Have you been up to anything exciting? My exciting time is finally here! (Squee!! *jumps up and down*) As you are reading this I may already be in Holland! I will be there from the 8th December - 19th December. I have a bunch of scheduled posts and will do my best to reply and comment when I can.
I can't wait to see my boyfriend and meet his family. It has felt like time has completely stopped while I've been waiting for this date to arrive.. now its finally here! :) I get to be with my prince

So today’s manicure is love and flag inspired. I wanted to tie the Dutch flag with how I feel but I'm not sure a few heart stamps are enough to really show how in-love I am. I think my excitement and flight tickets show it more!

Nails suitable to my little love story!

With love :)

For the flags I used some striping tape, I started with a red from Essie called Olé Caliente (a red-orange with a pink undertone but the closest thing I own to a 'pure' red.) the white was Nubar's White Tip and the blue was one of my very few untried which is Essie's Mesmerized.

I will be adding snippets/edits to the bottom of my posts to let you know how my time in Holland is!

What do you think? Have you done flag nails before? If so for which country/countries?
What are your plans for the weekend? Have a fantastic one!

Love from Holland



  1. Awww what a great mani!! I hope you have a BLAST on your trip! Take lots of photos and post some for us!

  2. this is so cute!! i hope you have a great time, dont forget to post photos!

  3. This is my favorite mani of yours thus far. I love all the colors and the accent stamps you used over top. Wonderful :) I hope your enjoying yourself in Holland.

  4. Beautiful nails. They are perfect for the occasion! Have an amazing time xx


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