I made a big decision.. :)

Allo polish Pals, how are you all doing?
I'm having a fab time in Holland with my partner and his family. As I am writing this I should technically be on the plane home back to England ~ Which I'm not. But I'll get to that.

I had a great birthday! It was different not being at home but Johnny made sure I had a great day and I think my romantic prince gave me my most romantic experience ever by putting on our song and slow dancing in the living room at stupid o'clock ~ I've never in my life had a slow dance so I found it so touching. Johnny gave me a beautiful silver heart pendant which I've been wearing every day since and his sister very kindly spoiled me to three new nail polishes. His mum gave me a beautiful shiny black and clear jeweled bracelet too :) Everyone has made me feel so welcome.

While laying and talking to my prince and realizing how close the date was to me coming home I made a huge decision. Both of us couldn't bare the idea of being apart after finally being able to be with and able to hold one another. I always expected up meeting would go very well (hence why I came to Holland) but I never in my life could have guessed just how truly deeply happy we would both feel and how 'right' it feels being together. Every year I spend Christmas with my family. Which I love, it has always been my Christmas tradition but I've started to realize I am 24, I am paving my own future and things do change.. I will miss my family so much this Christmas but it was the right thing for me to stay in Holland. I wont be back in England until the beginning of January and I can't promise how much I will be able to post. I will post while I can but I have a real lack of nail supplies. Don't get me wrong the idea of working with 4 polishes and nothing else sounds slightly interesting and boring at the same time so I will see what I can do, perhaps I can get uber creative and use resources I'd never have planned.

So that's what is happening. I honestly couldn't think of a time where I've been happier. Flying to Holland and seeing my Dutch Prince has been the best choice I think I've ever made in my life. I just wanted to share with you guys and let you know.

Hope your all having a great time, good luck with the Christmas preparations!
Love from Holland


  1. You made a good decision! Enjoy this time of your life :)

  2. That's lovely, follow your heart. :) Hope you'll have it awesome.

  3. How wonderful! I'm sure this will be a very special Christmas for you both!! Enjoy your time in Holland!! :)

  4. awww this is so romantic!! have a great time :)

  5. How romantic and amazing! You must absolutely follow your heart and it sounds like you two are perfect together. Have a wonderful Dutch Christmas :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! We are having a great time! I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with your Hubby :) xx

  6. Hi Ithi! It's great to read you're so happy! You've made a big step going to Holland and now you have to treasure your chance, happiness is the most important!
    Wish you and your prince all the best for the new year and hope to hear about you soon! We will certainly miss your posts but forget about it for a while and enjoy the moment you're living! It'll remain forever in your memory and your heart!
    <3 love xxx


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