Retro Circles

Allo polish pals! Hows your week going? I'll be going home tomorrow which is sad! So here's another scheduled post for you all. I am going to be doing lots of nail art once I am all unpacked and settled back in. Here's one I did a week or so ago to experiment with a cheap Rimmel black polish. Please excuse the terrible cuticle flooding, I do my best to avoid that now. Sadly I wasn't so careful before *Palm to forehead'*

Not one of my greatest manicures but I decided to added it as a scheduled post. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I think if someone likes it or has any ideas from it then well.. yay :)

I used Rimmel's Black out polish to stamp over China Glaze nude (I am still loving that shade!) with the Bundle monster plate 322. On the middle finger I then dotted in a few of the clear circles to give a little contrast.  What do you think, Retro?! Are you a fan of circle-print manicures?

See you guys soon!
With love from Holland


  1. i like how the black looks brown - totally makes it look retro!

  2. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose :) I will memorise this because it's great but from time to time I think: Sometimes you lose, sometimes the others are winning ;)

    BUT this mani has the retro chic and I like it and I would wear it...

    Don't be sad. You'll see your prince again!

  3. I like the stamping! And I am very happy for you. I am sure your decision is right. Have fun in Holland!

  4. I like this retro circle stamp. I used it ages ago but will definitely dig it out again soon. Hope you are having a fab time still :) xx

  5. Retro look of the mani is so perfect ..really loved it!!

  6. So pretty! Love the stamping!

    I nominated you for a Leibster award, you can find my post here: :D


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