Wicked Charla ~ Edited

Allo polish pals! How are you all? Did you have a great weekend? Christmas is fast approaching and I'll be going home to England in two days :(

I hope to bring you some festive nails once I am home but for today I bring you a taped mani look with accent gems on my middle finger.

Charla reminds me of the play Wicked... Or even the Matrix at times!

Charla was one of my first 'serious' nail polishes and still to this day I love to dig her out and have wickedly shimmery green nails. It does in fact remind me of the theatre play 'Wicked':)
The black I used was Rimmel London 'Black Out. The rest is all pretty self explanatory!
What do you think? Do you like that each nail has a different direction of lines? Are you a fan of tape manicures?

With love from Holland


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