Max Factor: Fantasy Fire Swatch & Review

Allo polish pretties! What an overdue post, I can't believe its almost been a week since my last post. My apologies! How are you all doing? Have you had a good week so far? Things have been kind of hectic here. During the weekend I was busy watching my partner playing darts. He also took part in a demonstration where I won a trophy (And let me tell you, a proper trophy!) for throwing the lowest possible score. Yep, I threw a zero which means I was throwing darts everywhere but the darts board! What a laugh it was! Today I am reviewing drug store brand Max Factor's Fantasy Fire for you guys.

Some Tip Shrinkage Issues..
Max Factor: Fantasy Fire
A confusing Beauty. Read the full review

Colour ~ In the bottle this appears to be a vibrant multi toned purpled with flecks of fiery red and fuchsia running through it. If you hold the bottle in your hand it even looks like you'll see a duo chrome of slight green shining through. However on the nails the colour is very weak considering on how impressive the bottle looks. Its incredibly sheer and the green-y tint was only visible to me in person while lying in bed with very dimmed lights at certain angles. What you are seeing is three coats in total. And even with three coats you can see the white of my nail in bright light so that will give you an indication of how sheer this shade really is.

Texture ~ 'OK'. I mean.. It was ok to apply but perhaps a little on the jammy side. It didn't seem incredibly thick at the time but once I started to apply it I could see how thick the texture really was. It was like it wanted to be a jelly polish but wasn't quite there.

Application ~ First of all I didn't really make friends with its brush. Its a little on the small side which is not great for good coverage. Don't you just hate having to keep dipping just to finish one nail? We all know how that ends. I also noticed some real issues with shrinkage. A total shocker. The polish on the tips of my nails seemed to keep vanishing even after applying extra on them. These pictures where taking just the morning after painting them late at night and I'm still not impressed with how it looks such a short while after.

Overall ★ ★★ /5 ~ Sorry for the low score, Fantasy Fire; Because while the shade is indeed gorgeous it just doesn't want to play well. I like bright polishes and felt a little deceived by how sheer this one was. That said it is beautiful and I will enjoy seeing this layered over darker based polishes.

Are you a fan polishes?
What do you think of this sparkly purple? Have you had any experiences with Max Factor nail polishes ~ what did you think of them? 


  1. I adore this polish but I only use it as a topper. Try it over a rich navy or dark purple. I till can't get great pictures though :)) xxx

    1. I agree its a hard one to photograph! I'll definitely be using it as a topper in the future, I'm interested to see this with flakies added on top! xxx

  2. this is gorgeous! it looks amazing on you


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