Sun Bright Gradient

Happy Friday to you lovelies,
Hope you've had a fantastic week! Are you looking forward to the weekend? I have a busy weekend planned seeing friends, skyping with family and watching my man play darts. I never knew much about the sport but since meeting my prince I absolutely love to watch him play. I'm a quiet cheer leader for his team!

Messy Bright Gradient :/
'Fake Tan'

I'm really unhappy with how my nails turned out; I love my gradients to be perfectly blended and less 'spongey' looking but I just can't get along with the cosmetic sponges I bought here in Holland. I'm really out on a mission to find some sponges like I had in England! I will fix this situation; I hate being displeased with my efforts :( On top  Fake Tan I added China Glaze's Sunshine Pop ~ Such a happy colour.

In other news:

It looks as though my polishes which were sent from England may be lost somewhere in the postal sphere for good. Unfortunately my mother sent me about 20 of my polishes. I don't even know which ones she sent.. They could be Essie, Zoya's.. I am trying not to think of it too much!

But in positive news I am now working on a proper swatch page so you can find my past and coming swatches all in one easy place :) Its a work in progress!
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

What do you think of this bright neon manicure? Would you dare to wear such a bright wig? I've never worn a wig but I've always dreamt of having brightly colour hair!




  1. This mani puts me in the mood summer :). Fantastic combination of colours I would love some of the picture polish colours. Have a fab weekend xx

    1. Thanks Louise! You should check out picture polish if you can! I think after what I've seen of their polishes now I will be a returning customer for sure! :) Have a great weekend also! xx

  2. I liked the color combination! And I recognize the sponge problem, with the wrong ones the gradients aren't as good as they could be. A tip could be to try finding some dishwash sponges, some of them could work great. :)

    1. Thank you Gelic! Yes its so frustrating! I will certainly check out some of those. It seems like they don't use good old latex make up sponges here or perhaps I am just looking in the wrong place! x

  3. i love those bright colors! omigosh i am soooo sorry for you polish loss :(


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