Soft Kitty.. Warm Kitty..

Allo polish pals!
Happy mid-week to you all, I hope your having a good day. Today I am showing you a look which was incredibly experimental. I've never used nail strippers before and I finally decided it was about time to do some more freehand nail art. A couple weeks ago I was looking around the local drug store when I spotted just the cutest shower gel bottle. It was a great source of inspiration!
While there are many things I am not so happy about with this mani I still think the colours worked very well together and practice makes perfect right?

On my thumb, ring finger and pinkie I used a base colour of Essie's Cascade cool; On my Index and middle finger I started with Nubar's Belize Coral. I used a MAC 209 brush, various sized dotting tools and of course my new Kiss nail artist strippers in black, white and shocking pink.
They are actually a lot of fun to use, I really hope I can get better and more precise with them.

So what do you think of my Kitty manicure? Have you ever been inspired to do an animal themed manicure yourself? Have you had good or bad experience with using nail strippers?




  1. So cute and I absolutely love the name you gave it :D

    1. Thank you! Its a pretty big give away what a huge big bang theory fan I am! :P

  2. this is super cute, i love kitties!

  3. I love this! It's too cute! And I really like the title of your post. TBBT - Fans unite!

  4. Thanks! :) I agreed! I have the cutest 'soft kitty' t-shirt! I'm a little bummed there is no new episode today!

  5. Fantastic colours. They look so pretty together :)


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