Vibrant Blue Lagoon Gradient

Allo polish pals!
How are you hanging in there? I bet your glad its the weekend! I am excited for this weekend as I'll be taking a trip to one of the big mall's here in Holland which means my eyes will be double the size as soon as I get to see what beautiful polishes they have on offer. Grabby hands at the ready!
While I might be missing the majority of my nail polishes which are still hanging out in England I have already got to see some very exciting brands that I have never seen or tried out before.
One of the brands I am keen to show you is called Anny. So far I only have one of these beauts in my collection but if you know me you know I am a sucker for blues!

Today's look is a simple bluey-lagoon gradient.

Anny's Blue Bikini Girl on Tips ~ Click To Enlarge.

Excuse The Unsightly Bar Code!

I started out with two luscious coats of Essie's Azure Blue and added Anny's stunning Blue Bikini Girl to the tips. As always I finished with a succulent glazing of Seche Vite's top coat. Did you know I've even noticed a difference with the items I am using?! I had to pick up some make up sponges and I could not for the life of me find any of the typical triangular latex sponges anywhere.The hunt continues!

I have so many great ideas in my mind right now. I'm hoping to pick up some nail art pens so I can finally get all these ideas out! Don't you just love inspiration flow! I'll also be having some new swatches for you guys soon. I'm intending to swatch every polish I have (Which right now is not my full amount but I can sure make a start!)

So what does the weekend hold for you guys? Are you planning any exciting polish hauls? Are you going to kick back and relax?

What do you think of this gradient? Are you a fan of bright gradients?



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