Color Club: Harp On It Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo Pretty Polishers!
How are we all doing? I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans ahead?
I'll be having a quiet weekend since my partner is taking part in a 24 hr dart marathon for charity! I'm so proud of him and I wish everyone taking part a good 24 hours! Blimey, I bet his arm will be aching! So I'll be here painting away as per :)
Its time to chill with Fridays review of Color Club's 'Harp On It'.
Are you a big fan of holographic nail polishes? I've always loved rainbows, I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to pretty prettay things!
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Colour ~ Harp On It has a wonderful silvery base which appears very light under light. In low light it can look almost like silver foil. The linear holographic look is simply stunning and as I like to refer to it: like liquid rainbow in a bottle! The holo is quite strong in this polish. If your a big holo fan this is one polish for you! If your a little on the holo-shy side perhaps it will be a little bit too much.

Application ~ Such a real dream to apply. I applied two coats as per usual. After the first coat was dry it was looking great, I have very little complaints but it was a teeny tiny bit too opaque but seeing as I always apply two coats it was quickly solved.

Texture ~ It was a wonderfully watery consistency (Another reason why I deem this a liquid rainbow in a bottle) which means the drying time is also very little. I think we've all had one of those thin formula polishes that seem to dry in the blink of an eye ~ This is one of those, ladies!

Overall ★★★★★/5
I love love love this polish. As a fan of holographic polishes I would highly recommend it to all you other rainbow-lovin' polishers. I have had China Glaze OMG in the past and will do a swatch comparison once its back in my grabby hands but personally I think the Holographic beauty is a lot stronger in Harp On It. I also prefer the texture and application. I have nothing but praise for this beauty!

Have a lovely weekend, Take care guys!



  1. I need these holos, they are all so beautiful!

    1. I agree Jenna! I'll be swatching Eternal Beauty soon, that ones a real stunner also! :)

  2. I love these hologram polishes. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the color club collection to hit TK Maxx :)

  3. i need this in my life... that is all haha


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