Deep Sea Flakies!

Allo and good Saturday to you polish pals!
How is your weekend going? Today I have a gradient flakie filled post for you! It reminds me of everything deep-sea! How do you guys feel about flakie polishes? I personally adore them, I love how much depth they can give a manicure!

I started with a gradient, working from the cuticle down I applied Essie's Bobbin' For Baubles (My only dark blue to hand since my move to Holland :( Midway down the nail I applied Essie's Azure Blue and on the tips I used Picture Polishes 'Marine' (May I add, what a beautiful shade!) I finished the look by applying a generous coat of Zoya's beautiful 'Maisie' smoothing it all over with my top coat of Seche Vite. I'm a total blue-a-holic and a manicure with flakies always makes me happy. I particularly like this look because as I move my hand in the light Maisie looks wonderful with the colours underneath. How very mermaid-y!

What do you think of my deep-sea gradient?

Have a great weekend!
Your comments as always are most welcome


  1. Love the gradient with the flakies. Great combo!

  2. Oh Ithi, my jaw seriously dropped just now! This mani is so gorgeous! Look at that! the colours, the flakies, the gradient, so so beautiful.
    I absolutely have to "copy" it. Of course if you don't mind... and anyways I'll never achieve such a perfect gradient!
    I'm totally pinning this.

    1. Awh your so kind Natalia, thank you! You should try this too! I'd love to see how your version looks of course I don't mind :) I've seen your gradients so I know to expect amazingness!

  3. i love how you wore these flakies, so pretty!!

  4. I love this deep sea look. Great mani :). That marine teal is simply gorgeous xx


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