Maneki-neko (Lucky Cat) Thursday!

Happy Thursday to you polish Pals!
How has your week been? I have to say these past few weeks have been pretty fast for me but I am having a great time. Today I am bringing you a look inspired from maneki-neko otherwise known as lucky cats. I've always loved Chinese lucky cats, there's something just so lovely about them! 
Am I starting to look like a crazy cat lady? :)

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Messy Ring Finger Makes Ithi Sad.
I'm not entirely happy with this manicure at all.. I see a few things now I would have done very differently and I am not impressed that I forgot to clean up my ring finger. How did I manage not to clean up? Silly Ithi. I tried again at freehand art on my middle finger to do the lucky cat. I used the only appropriate brush I had which is a MAC 209 brush. I don't have any nail polish thinner here in Holland with me so I carefully mixed some polish remover into the colours I was painting with.. Hmm. I also intended on painting some Chinese symbols but opted out as I didn't want to get them entirely wrong.

I painted China Glaze 'Red Satin' on all fingers expect my ring finger which I painted Color Club Foiled 'Antiquated'. I then added a stripe of Red Satin and Rimmel's Black out to the finish it. On the index and pinky I added dots of Black out followed by inner dots of Antiquated.
For the lucky cat I used Kiss Nail Art pens in white and black for his face and features. I also used a small dab of Herôme's light pink to give him a cute blush to his cheeks. For the bell on his collar I again used antiquated mixed with a little of Model's Own Gold Rush.

So what do you think of my lucky cat manicure? Have you ever tried something similar?
Have you ever forgotten to tidy up your mani like I did?



  1. wow i love this, you did an amazing job! i'm a cat lady myself!

    1. Thank you so much! Me too, I do miss my little kitty back in England! xx


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