Paris Memories: 255 Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals,
I hope you had a great week, Did you have a busy fantastical one? I'm having a very quiet weekend which means more tidying and more nail painting! I'm also looking forward to getting stuck into a good book. I had a lovely evening seeing friends on Thursday with my partner which meant unlimited dog cuddles! Also their parrot can whistle the tune of Lykee Li's 'Follow' which is just beyond awesome!

Today's swatch and review is for Paris Memories in #255

Colour ~ Its a wonderful black base with tiny flecks of silver, it may not sound extremely exciting but its pretty stunning in its own right. It reminds me of the sunlight hitting a wet road after a rain storm ~ Random huh?

Application Perfectly easy to apply, there are no real streaking issues. I applied two coats which was enough to give good strong coverage. All I can really say application wise is that you will need two coats as it can be a little on the opaque side but that's easily fixable.

Texture Wonderfully smooth if a little on the watery side. The glitter flecks don't really have any texture or grit to them and with a coat of seche vite it had a lovely glossy smooth appearance.

Overall ★★★★/5 I'd love a black silver glitter ideal for stamping but alas, this one just isn't it. Its far too thin in consistency for stamping but as a base and for general painting it works wonderful. I have used this polish a few times since purchasing it and I do really like it. I particularly like layering glitters and flakes on top. I recently added NYX's Frizzy spots on top and it was pretty impressive because 255's glitter adds some real depth! Ill be showing the review on Frizzy Spots in the near future.. Overall its a good polish and gets the job done.

Side Note: I'm a little sad Paris Memories keeps track of their polishes by number... One thing I love about nail polish is seeing the unique names they get.

Have you tried any of Paris Memories polishes? Where you impressed?
Do you have a go-to black with silver glitter polish ~ I would love to know!



  1. wow i love this! such an awesome polish

    1. Thanks Little Monster. Its pretty basic but I think a collection needs a sparkly black of some sort!


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