Picture Polish: Pshiiit Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Hey polish Pals! How was your weekend? I didn't get up too much but I am so so proud of my Partner and all the other's who took part in the Darts Marathon over the weekend, they raised a great sum of money for a very good cause. I like to call him my darts champion since he is so good, hehe. Today I am showing you a swatch and review from Picture Polish called Pshiiit., yes it really is called that!
 Colour ~ In the bottle Pshiiit appears to be a very prismatic green, I can see different shades of green as I turn the bottle, hints of blue and of course the beautiful green/blue flakies. Glancing at my nails I see a gorgeous forest green which most certainly has a blue tint. I found this one incredibly hard to photograph even with my powerful lighting and I would say its 2x brighter than pictured, sadly.

Application ~ Really smooth and easy to apply. I used two thin coats and had no trouble at all, No streaking but I have a feeling if applied too fast on top of its first coat you may be likely to see some bubbles. So take it easy – it dries pretty fast as it is.

Texture ~ Peeerrrfectly smooth, even the flakies feel nice and smooth and once I applied my top coat of Seche Vite it had a wonderful glassy smooth appearance ~ And quite frankly I like that in a polish!

Overall ★★★★/5 While I love this polish I had hoped the flakies would be a little more present. They are quite subtle but still beautiful non the less. If your expecting a polish packed full of obvious flakies I would say add your own topcoat of flakies. If your looking for a clean forest green I would recommend Pshiiit for you. All in all Pshiiit is a very wonderful polish because of its application and texture and the colour itself is rather stunning!

How do you like this Green stunner with flakies? Will you be trying Pshiiit?
Tomorrow is Queens Day here in Holland! I'm looking forward to seeing what goes down on Queen's day, I'm working on an appropriate manicure as we speak. Can you believe its like 3 months since I moved to Holland?! Have a fantastic start to the week my lovelies!



  1. hahah that name is too funny! pretty swatches :)

  2. Hi Ithi! This is a lovely shade! The name is fun, but I think it's the name of a well known beauty-blog who colaborated with the brand to create this shade. I'd love to try so many picture polish! they all look stunning.

  3. This is a really nice color. I always love a good blue or green. But I haven't tryed any polishes from Picture Polish.

  4. Great swatches of a really pretty colour xx

  5. http://pshiiit.com/ ;)


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