PIcture POlish: Twinkle Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish pretties!
How are you all doing? Today I have one of the few new PiCture Polish nail varnishes to show you from my recent haul. Since I moved to the Netherlands recently and the majority of my collection is sat being neglected in England until I can come collect them personally I treated myself to a few new beauties. The move has given me a chance to get my grabby hands on some nail polish brands I wasn't able to get previously and after seeing PiCture Polish I just couldn't wait to try them!
Today's review and swatch is on 'Twinkle'.

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I love polishes with cute unique names so I adore the fact each shade has its own little quote on the bottle.

Colour ~ Twinkle on first glance is a perfect light lilac orchid shade. In the bottle you can see very light fine silver shimmer. I would say this is a cool based polish but unlike some other cool polishes that can end up making my skin tone look a little sickly-dead Twinkle has a really warming look. The fact it is perfectly in between purple and pink certainly helps.
In Low Light
Texture ~ FAB. No complaints at all. Its smooth and thin enough to layer nicely. You know you've had a polish that was too water? And a polish that was a little on the thick side? Well you can place twinkle right between the fore-mentioned because its consistency is wonderful. Before I added my top coat of Seche Vite it looked somewhere between matte and glossy but this really just added to its wonderful unique texture.

Application ~ No real major issues to mention. I added two coats because that is my normal preference. There was a slight streaking on a couple of my nails which completely fixed up after adding the second coat and my top coat. The brush is great, there where no bubbles and it dried very nicely and easy.

Overall ★ ★★ ★★/5 ~ Wow, Twinkle! There is really nothing to fault with this polish at all. I have so much praise for it. I just love it when I can't stop glancing at my nails ~ That's when I know I am in love with a good polish! This shade is going to be perfect for lots of nail art looks and I know I will be coming back to it all year round.

Have you tried any of PiCture POlishes shades yet? Did you have a good experience?

What do you think of Twinkle, Is this one starry lilac you'll be painting on?



  1. oooo I really like the colour of that one !
    I have recently discovered sinful colours professional nail polish which are super cheap and really good!

    1. Me too! Ooo lovely, I will have to have a good look when I am back in England :D

  2. I really love Picture Polish colors. I haven't had the chance to own any of their beauty's but some day I'll dish out some money to get a couple. This color is gorgeous on you.

    1. Thanks Samantha! They are certainly worth their asking price. I am always a little nervous (and excited of course) when it comes to trying new brands but I've not been disappointed! :)

  3. It's a really pretty color and it suits you well!

    1. Thanks Elin! I like it so much that I think I would use this as my bridal colour in the future! :)

  4. So pretty Ithi. I can't wait to get my hands on this brand :) xx

    1. Thank you! Your going to love them I can tell! :) xx


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