Ruby Red Gems

All polish pals!
Happy midweek to you all! I want to say a big thank you for the comments in the last post, it was really reassuring that I am not the only one who doubts their nail art at times but you guys always seem to do an awesome job! We ought to all have more confidence :)

 Now I have a question for you lovelies! 
Do you have a fiend colour polish? And by this I mean that one primary colour of polish that you want to rock but every time you look down at your freshly painted pinkies all you can muster is a 'meh...'. Either because you find the colour just looks crazy odd on your nails or doesn't match your skin tone? For me that colour is red. Why? I can not tell you but every time I spot it on my fingers it just unbalances me! None the less, today's post is redtastic!

Today's mani features my brand new spiffy nail plates from the wonderful Natalie @ Nail Craze. If you've not seen her plates before go check them out. I am often using them as I am so inlove with the designs.

I started off with two coats of China Glaze's Red Satin and topped with two luscious coats of Nubar's 2010 (I'd been dying for an excuse to use this beaut) On my Middle finger I applied two coats of Color Club's On The Rocks from the foil collection, added a top coat and added some ruby red gems. On my others fing-ies I stamped from NC04 plate in 'On The Rocks'.

I initially thought about stamping in gold but I really like how much the silver stood out and its an unusual contrast with the flakies from 2010.  What do you think of this red-flakey combo? 




  1. i feel the same way about red! but i love the color on its own so im trying to wear it on my nails more. this mani would be perfect for valentines day!

  2. Oh Ithi, this mani is gorgeous! I love everything from the colourchoices, the flakies to the stamping, and the accent nails plays so well with the whole. just, wow! I do not find red odd at all with your skin tone, I think it flatters you quite a lot. (at least it looks so on my screen)
    I want to try it right now, but I do not have a silver polish that stamps so well. I really need to consider to get me On the rocks, it looks stunning!
    My colour "fiend" is my second favourite one *sigh* Turquoise. Oh, how I love this shade! specially for summer, but the nasty is so cruel to me! The moment I paint my nails in turquoise, all my green veins pop on my hands! It's so awful. That does not seem to stop me from buying turquoise polish I have around 20 of them ;) Red shades seem to have the opposite effect, and my hands look white as doves, which gives me the impression to be a 40's starlet, haha!
    Your nail art is unique and gorgeous!

  3. I think you're nails look wonderful in red! Personally, I love red on me, but I hate the way green looks on my little nails!
    Sincerely, Sara

  4. so pretty!

    p.s. I'm having a Bonlook sunglasses giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  5. Red is my fiend colour too! I just got these plates too and can't wait o use them! xx


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