Sweet Nothing's In The Wind

Allo polish Pretties!
Are you have a fantastic start to the week? I had a great weekend watching my man play and win a darts tournament on Saturday night, I love watching him play and I'm so proud :) I also got a lot of spring cleaning done. I really blitzed everything!
Today's look is one I feel quite happy with. Its a frosted gradient with stamping.

I started with my usual base coat of OPI's Nail Envy before adding two coats of China Glaze 'Nude'.
I then sponged on Picture pOlish 'sky' to make the gradient. Next I added a single coat of Ozotic Sugar 903 (Wowee at this glitter! It was almost a shame to cover the glitter up, I look forward to using it in all its glittery awesomeness soon) Then I added a coat of Model's Own Pro Matte topcoat. Finally I took Color Club 'On the Rocks' and stamped the dandelion image from the NC01 plate.

I'd been wanting to use this pattern for a long long time but I really wanted to find some colours to really make it stand out and do it justice. Hope I managed that! 

So what do you think of this look? Its really grown on me. I think there's something slightly sweet and romantic about it. Do you like how frosted it looks? What’s your opinion of stamping over matte nails?

Have a fantastic day, lovelies!


  1. This looks amazing! I love the dandelion-stamping. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Isadora is a Swedish brand and I'm not sure if you can find it abroad. Let me know if you want to do a swap, I can help you get that polish :D

    1. Thanks Elin, and your welcome! I will have to consider that! Most of my polishes are still in England so I might have to wait until I have my whole collection with me but that would be fun :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Natalie, and thank you for these amazing plates!

  3. hi Ithi! This is really gorgeous! The gradient is perfect, and the stamping sublime. It's a good thing to know color club on the rocks stamps so well, I was hesitating whether to buy it or not.
    Lucky you for spring cleaning, I haven't started yet! there's so much to be done, specially windows glasses (which I hate cleaning and then seeing all dirty with pollen!)

    1. Thank you Natalie! Yes it stamps beautifully, I think all the color club foiled's will :D Its a beautiful silver for sure. Window cleaning is the worst! I always look back after I have finished and see a smudge here or there! xx

  4. omg! these are the cutest! i love what you did here. Perfect!

  5. Wow these are beautiful. I love the gradient and the matte effect and the gorgeous stamp. I love it all! :)


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