Circle Glitter Review & 10% Discount!

*The featured product was sent to me to review and swatch but this review ~ as always ~ will contain my complete honest opinion

Allo polish Pals! Hope your having a great weekend! Today I will be showing and reviewing Circle Glitter in Peacock Green.
I applied Anny 'Blue Bikini Girl' to all my nails expect my ring finger and sponged on Model's Own 'Gold Rush' on the tips. On my ring finger I applied two coats of Pitcure Polishes 'Marine'. I then stamped using Nail Craze plate 01 Peacock design and once my topcoat was tacky added one Circle Glitter into the center. Once the topcoat on my ring finger was between wet and dry I carefully added the circle glitter one at a time using small tweezers.

When I move my hand they shimmer beautifully and catching the light they will shift between gold, green and at time even blue. My first concern was Are they going to lie flat on my nail? and thankfully the answer was yes.
These are small enough to lay comfortably on the nail surface. I also did a little experiment to see how hard it would be to break one ~ They are very durable but if you wanted to use half of one it is manageable to cut them with cuticle clippers. The jar I received is packed full of these circle glitter and there are so many different ideas I have for them, I am so tempted to go ahead and purchase some in different colours! Do you like the shimmery mirror ball look it gives?

READER DISCOUNT!! Isn't this awesome? The lovely pals of KKCenterHK have give you, my readers a 10% discount on all their items. If you wish to place an order don't forget to include the coupon code 'ithinitybeauty' when you check out! They have so many wonderful items I hope you enjoy checking out their website.

Have a great weekend!



  1. So pretty! love the feather with these colors! <3

  2. Your nail art is so pretty ~

    I just checked out their website and they have amazing stuff !

    1. Thank you MuShii! I agree, there is such a vast selection to chose from! :)

  3. What a cute mani! I love the different designs and how it all fits together, especially the peacock feather and the blue/gold gradient! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you Yun! I love the blue and gold combo too, so sparkly!

  4. I like the different designs, and how it is put together, especially peacock feathers and blue.

  5. I love these! Peacock feathers and circle glitters are perfect together :)


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