Color Club ~ Cloud Nine Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Hi guys! Hope you've had a wonderful week. I want to thank you all tons for the kind comments on my nail art posts, I really appreciate it! Today I have another swatch and review for you, this time for Color Club's 'Cloud Nine' holographic polish. Tomorrow I have some water marble nail art to show you which I am excited about!
In Lower Light
Colour ~ In the bottle Cloud Nine appears as a strong linear holographic polish with a pinky mauve tone to it. When you turn the bottle in your hands it will change dramatically. In normal light the holographic effect is very strong, in lower light you are left with a murky pinky-mauve but the holo is still visible. You will see in my pictures I turn my nails away from the direct light that it looks darker but you can see a slight golden tone to it.

Application ~ Just like Color Club's 'Harp on it', 'Cloud Nine' is easy to apply. I had no troubles at all. I applied two coats because one coat was a tinsy bit patchy but with two thin coats it was perfect. I did however have some bubbles on my ring finger nail as I applied too much too fast so that was entirely my fault. I started over that nail and gave myself some more dry time before adding my topcoat.

Texture ~
Perfectly smooth. As long as you let it dry before each coat I see no reason why you would have a finish with bubbles. It has that wonderful watery consistency which means the dry time for this polish is awesome.
Overall ★★★★★/5
I absolutely love this polish. As you all know I'm a holo-fanatic and this in my opinion is a nice change from the typical holographic, I love the colour. I love the dry time, the consistency. This one's a winner and will make many manicures so interesting! If your looking for some interesting tinted holo's I highly recommend this. The Color Club Holo's range has not let me down yet!

What do you think of this holographic polish? ~ Do you have anything similar?
Enjoy your Friday! 



  1. I love the new layout and photos! Very nice! :D I love looking at Color Club swatches but I can't seem to find them in my town to buy some myself! I really love the pink, silver and blues holos they have.

    1. Thanks Samantha! I couldn't find them locally in England or here until I found a great EU store selling them. Me too, the holo effect is gorgeously strong!

  2. Aw, I love CC's holo collection! :D Awesome pics :D

    1. Me too! They are so yummy :D Thank you Gelic!

  3. oh i love all the Color club holos! this one is so gorgeous!


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