Lets do Coffee Sometime?

Allo polish Pals and Happy Saturday to you all!
Are you having a lovely weekend? Bare with me, I'm still half asleep ~ I'm pre-coffee wake up mode! I have a question for you, yup you! Are you a coffee or tea person? I recently broke my old coffee habit since moving to Holland. Its my guilty pleasure. That said the latest discovery I've come across is Lipton's Blueberry muffin tea and omg it smells just like freshly baked muffins ~Yum!

So today's manicure is coffee based! I used a technique I saw recently to make the coffee mug into a decal. I had some trouble with it I wont lie. You can see the edge of the decal but over all I think its an ok first attempt!

On all fingers apart from my ring finger I used Klean Color's 'Coffee addict' and added some bronzey brown gems. On my ring finger I used Color Club's 'Normadic In Nude' and then applied my decal. For the decal I used Kiss's nail art pens and a small nail brush to paint the black outline. I then flipped it over and filled the white in with Nubar's 'White Tip'. I then added a dash more of Coffee Addict to the inside of the mug and added some white steam.

What do you think about today's manicure? Has it got you reaching for a coffee?
Have a fantastic Saturday, loves!



  1. It's so beautiful and original ! Great job !

  2. Thank you so much, MuShii :)

  3. Lovely mani! wow decal looks great, I know for sure I'd never have the patience to do that.
    I'm not coffee addict, BUT I love smell of it. For me coffee is a treat, like a chocolate truffle, I love Italian coffee very short and coarse "ristretto", is all in the intensity of smell and taste. Of course the smell of good coffee makes me think of holidays in Italy!!

  4. This is really clever. I love the coffee coloured nails and your coffee cup decal :-). I am a tea only drinker as I cant stand the taste or smell of coffee xx

  5. this is so beautiful! what a perfect cup of coffee!


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