Sweet Dreams Are Made of... Unicorns

Allo polish Pals,
Hows your week going? I intended to post a lot sooner but I had something that was just picking at my mind. I knew how I wanted my manicure to look but getting it to it to look JUST like I had imagined it in my mind was problematic. Do you ever have that? Well after three attempts I can honestly say I want to eat my own hand, I am so disappointed. I am so unhappy with this look but wanted to post something for you. Maybe this is a lesson to myself because sometimes when I try too hard I seem to do awfully as opposed to when I am relaxed and chilled.

Please please, please, excuse the messy cuticles, the sponging was a nightmare to tidy up.
I started with two coats of China Glaze 'Light as Air' and roughly dabbed on Picture Polishes 'Twinkle' onto all of my nails. On all fingers apart from my Thumb and Middle finger I also dabbed on Picture Polishes 'Mirage'. I wanted this to be a rough dabbing of colour so it almost looked floaty and cloud like as opposed to a gradient blend. I then added NYX Girls 'Dreamy Glitter' and stamped in Nubar's 'White Tip' with the fabulous Nail Craze 02 Magical plate. The next thing I post has to be 100% prettier than this!!

What do you guys think of this look? Is it dreamy or just a mess?
I hope you guys have a fantastic day/evening



  1. i think this is so pretty and cute!

  2. This is not as bad as you think, Ithi. I like the idea a lot! But I know how it feels when you have an idea and you can't make this idea come true as you wish. Anyways this mani is cute!

    1. Thanks Stadtwaldvogel, I'm glad you think it is cute. Its such a pain not being able to get it how it looks in my head!

  3. Not my perosnal favorite but it is whimsical. i like more traditional nails...

    1. Well I was certainly aiming for whimsical! I have to agree its not my personal favorite. I think it didn't help that you can't see just how shimmery this is. I think the colours looked much prettier in person.


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