Under The Bubble Tree

Allo polish Pals!
Hope your having a good week so far. Did you notice the new blog image? What do you guys think of it? Today's look is a little 'meh', I'm not sure if I am being hard on myself or if this is just so much different to what I'm used to! My mash pens arrived today and I was all eager beaver to try them out ~ So lets see what happened, Are you ready for some serious dottage-dosage?
I started with two coats of China Glaze 'Recycle' and added a glitter coat of Herôme's mini 206. On my index, middle and pinkie I then used Mash nail art pen in black to create twiggy-like tree shapes. I then took two different sized dotting tools and added Model's Own 'Bubble Gum' and DA's light blue. I do really like how glossy they look when they hit the light.
My first impressions of these pens are: YES, yes yes and yes! so I look forward to reviewing them for you soon. I also look forward to doing some more complex freehand designs.

Would you be interested in a post featuring my favourite nail care items? Have you had a chance to try out the Mash Nail pens yet? If so what did you think of them?



  1. Lovely! Hi Ithi, I like this design very much! Cherry trees all blossomed. And it sounds like the pens rock hard, can't wait to read your review.
    I also appreciate reading about manicure/care routines, because you never know when you can discover a really great product, trick or technique. I'll be waiting to read yours!!

    1. Thank you Natalia! These pens are awesome, so far I've had better luck with them then others I have tried maybe before they are more like pens then the nail art pens where you had to press and have those metal nibs! I'll certainly do a nail product post in the near future! xx

  2. I like your new blog header. I noticed it yesterday but forgot to comment about it. The bubble tree is cute! It's a nice idea. Sadly I am always afraid when it comes to nail art. The most I do is a little stamping sometimes. I like your creativity!

    1. Thank you! I thought it was time for a little change! Thanks so much :) I'd love to see if you do some nail art!

  3. Love the colours, love the dots, love the bubble tree :) xx

  4. Such creativity. I would never have thought that nails would become art...and that is what you are doing. Looking through past blogs I am loving your ideas.


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