Freehand Silvery-Star Abstract With Gradient

Allo polish Pals!
Have you had a good weekend? I had a fantastic time yesterday with my Partner visiting the local market. The weather was just perfect, Holland is beautiful! I really wish I had taken my camera ~ I'm so forgetful lol. Also I think Saturday was the first time in my life I've ever worn sunglasses. How crazy is that?! Today I have a freehand silvery star abstract manicure to show you.

I started with one coat of Rimmel's 'Black out' and Paris Memories '225' on my thumb, index and ring finger and added a gradient using Essence 'I'm The Boss!' and Nails Inc 'Regents Park' on the tips. I finished my thumb nail by applying one star gem and a few circle gems trailing off from it. On my middle and pinkie fingers I applied two coats of Nails Inc 'Regents Park' and drew a freehand abstract design with stars using Mash nail art pen in black. I am really happy with how striking this is, its not perfect but it does stand out very well! 

A few years back when I was art crazy (You can see my deviant gallery here which contains traditional, digital and nail art) I used to love doing flowy star abstracts. Sometimes in black and greys, sometimes with stupidly bright colours! So there's my inspiration.
I used to do alot of abstract! 
What do you guys think of this silvery abstract manicure? Have you sported any gorgeous silver's lately?

Hope you had a great weekend also! As always, I appreciate your comments and I like to see what you think about my creations, feel free to leave a comment :)



  1. Wow! Gorgeous nails, I love the artwork too. I wish I was so talented. I literally can't draw anything haha.
    PS thanks for your comment over on my blog :) xx

    1. Thank you Sarah! I've always enjoyed drawing, its so relaxing! Even if it doesn't turn out well its still fun :) And your most welcome!

  2. I love it!
    The gradient is gorgeous and you did a great work with the freehand abstract drawings :) x

    1. Thank you so much Ky! I do love a good gradient!

  3. Yay glad you had a gorgeous weekend! :D
    This is a stunning mani! Love the abstract art and the silver/black combo is totally awesome!

    ~ Yun

    1. Thank you, Yun! Hope you and the hub tackled the bush! I'm glad you like it!


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