Pretty Polly! Parrot Nails With Water Marble & Gradients

Allo polish Pals!
I hope your week is going well. Today I have a very colourful look for you! I really want to apologise for not blogging sooner. I planned to, I had lots of ideas for this week but I couldn't foresee how things where going to turn out. I could go on a massive moan/rant but I wont. I'll just say the dog got really sick and needed an emergency operation. Luckily she is doing better now and getting back to her old self. The stress has caused my stomach issues to flare up like a demon; the sleepless nights with my partner and I worrying about her + the heat and of course the major lighting situation.. But I said I wouldn't rant right? :D 

Apologies for the picture quality and lighting...
 I think this time it will be easier if I name by colours so I've included a list! This is a mixture of gradients, nail art, and water marble but what I did different this time with my water marble was that I didn't mix the colours. I kept the circles because I wanted really bold defined lines. I added Picture Polishes 'Hypnotic' on top of my middle finger gradient.

Green Models Own 'Toxic Apple'
Blue China Glaze 'Sunday Funday'
Yellow China Glaze 'Sunshine Pop!'
Orange Picture Polish 'Fake Tan'
Red China Glaze 'Red Satin'
Parrot I used all of the above colours and using my Mash Nail pens in white and black.

If you've ever been interested in water marbling then I'm sure you've googled tips/videos. Well here's a fact. I know nothing about how to do it. Since my last water marble I've had several failed attempts. Today I did something that everyone recommends. I used cold tap water and surprisingly it worked better then the last time with room temperature water. What the... I don't get it. I'll just say what works for me sometimes then randomly doesn't work the next time. Tis a mystery!

What do you guys think of my extremely bright parrot look? What do you prefer, gradients or water marbles?

Look after yourselves!



  1. I LOVE your parrot, you did a great work! ^^
    It is super bright and so summer-y! :D
    Gradient is my favourite mani ever, so yes, I do prefer the gradient! ^u^ xx

    1. Thank you so much Ky! I was really in the mood for something bright! I do love gradients too, I don't think you can ever go wrong with a nice gradient! :) xx

  2. i hope your dog feels better soon! this is sooo colorful and fun. you water marble is perfect, i love it!

    1. Many thanks Little Monster, she's on the mend and getting back to her old self! I'm glad you like it! xx

  3. Love it! Amazing and so different, also the bright colours are great for Summer and if I just need one thing to sum it up, its a parrot, how can you not love it! :D

    1. Thank you Alice! I wanted to create something so 'stand outy'! I guess I can agree, parrots are pretty fun after all. Than you for your kind words :)

  4. Your parrot is soooo cute and I love birds. I am glad you are finally more satisfied with your water marbling, something I will never be brave enough for. I hope your situation will get better soon and you can relax again. Good health for your dog!

    1. I know you do, Owly beauty! Thank you so much. Never say never! I'd love to see if you do try one day :D


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