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Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing? Is your week going well? The weather here in Holland is currently so warm and beautiful. What’s your weather like at the moment?
Today's post is a little different today because I will be sharing with you one of my favorite and highly praised websites where you can purchase nail polish (So many amazing brands) at amazing prices, receive friendly service and find just about all you could be looking for. I am personally a huge fan of Pretty Polish.  Read more to see my full review :)

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Blurb: When I first moved to Holland I hunted the internet for a place I could purchase all my favorite nail polish brands for reasonable prices. I found a few websites but I wasn't satisfied with the prices they where suggesting or their supply didn't contain many of my favorite brands. I finally came across a website called Pretty Polish and decided to place my first order after having a look around their online store. I was limited with the range of nail polish I had bought with me to Holland (It was hard only being able to select a chosen few to bring with me!) and wanted to give myself more to play with.

When I found pretty polish I was amazed at the range of brands they stocked. In England I wasn't able to find Color Club, Ozotic or Picture Polish. In fact, visiting their site I have now tried brands I had only ever hoped to try. Thanks to Pretty Polish I have tried all the above. Some of the other brands they stock are A-England, China Glaze, Klean Color, Pupa, Models Own, Seche Vite, Zoya and many more. You can find all kinds of polish such as glitters, Matte's, textures, Mash nail art pens, Nail stamping plates and accessories, general manicure items and so many other lovely items.

When I asked Petra from Pretty Polish what inspired her to open up her nail polish store she answered
“Well I always dreamed of having a shop of my own and on one lazy Sunday I was sorting out my nail polish stash and said to my boyfriend that I thought it would be nice to have a nail polish web shop of my own. Since in the Netherlands there weren't that many at the time. Of course I just love nail polish and anything colourful just makes me happy. I started in October 2011. Within one week I chose the name, registered with the Chamber of commerce and bought my first polishes of ZOYA, PUPA and Blaze.“   Petra launched her store and now its one of the biggest in Holland. All this while studying for her Masters Degree in Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology. Isn't that impressive!>?

Recently Petra from Pretty Polish added Model's Own Nail Artstix. I have not seen these online in many places and their prices are just awesome. I'm looking forward to trying these in the near future.
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A few times I needed to contact Pretty Polish for various reasons. One of the reasons was me thinking I got my address wrong (I'm simple.. the move and address confused me a little!) and Petra's replies where so friendly and helpful. I love service with a smile. Online shopping or in a real store, great service will always keep me returning. 
Pretty Polish have loads of current and past collections available!
 Great news is guys: Pretty Polish offers international shipping at very reasonable prices. So like me, if your outside AUS and looking for Ozotic and Picture Polish you now have an easy way to get hold of it. My packages came just two days after I placed my order. How great is that? I am always impatient to try new nail polishes so this was just great for me! I was also impressed with how well protected my polishes arrived. The way they package each parcel insures there should be no damage to any of your goodies.

If you place an order with Pretty Polish I am sure you will have a fantastic experience.Nearly all of the polishes I have featured lately have been purchased from Pretty Polish. I love sharing my great experiences with you all.

Have a fantastic day!

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