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The rules for this award are easy and fun:
- Thank the person who nominated you!
- Post the award logo on your blog
- Share 7 facts about yourself
- Nominate 5 or more blogs that inspire you
Allo polish pals! How are we all doing? Are you hanging on for the weekend? Today while I give my nails a well deserved rest and some TLC (I lie a little.. I have a water marble in mind as we speak!) I am posting the sunshine award I received from the ever lovely Gelic who nominated me. Thank you so much Gelic! If you get a chance to check out her blog I really recommend you do!  I am really honored to receive this award from one of my favorite nail bloggers! So lets get started!

1. A big percent of my nail polishes are chilling in England until I can pick them up and bring them to Holland in August (Yipp-ee!)
2. Even as a trained make up artist I can incredibly grossed out when it comes to touching peoples eyes. I always had to act confident even though it terrified me!
3. I have a strange love for socks... You know when people joke about socks for Christmas? I freakin' love getting cute socks!
4. I used to want to be a children's book illustrator. I still like to draw and paint from time to time.
5. I used to be a goth. Long spiked dog collars, knee high buckled platform boots. Yeah. I thought I was so cool.
6.  I'm a huge sushi fan. I don't think there's any seafood I wont gulp down!
7. The only 'English' food I really miss since moving to Holland is Salt and vinegar crisps (chips) because I have a weird habit of licking my chips before I eat them!

The nominee's I am choosing inspire me in different ways. It can be their art skills, the way they write and their use of imagination. There where so many to pick from so I'm sorry if I left someone out.
The 5 blogs I have chosen to nominate are as follows.

Lou is Perfectly Polished ~ Fellow British nail blogger Lou, I've been following her blog since around the time I created Ithinity Beauty. When I see her creations I am sure she is a stamping pro!
Claws Up ~ LittleMonsterx14 whether she is posting about her adventures, showing her nail art or sharing her life I always enjoy reading her blog. She's very creative and I love her use of colour and her inspiration is always unique.
NailCraze ~ I don't remember how I stumbled upon Natalie's blog, Nailcraze but she is a huge inspiration to me. Natalie always has perfectly neat designs and not to mention she is the creator of Nail Craze nail plates, how cool is that?
Owl Love Nails ~ Julia's blog is home to some outstandingly beautiful swatches and offers clear and descriptive reviews about each polish. Julia gets me lemming for so many polishes!
Nail Manic ~ I adore Elin's nail blog. Not only does she post great swatches but her nail art is super cute.  I also find I discover a lot of new brands while browsing Elin's blog and that's great for me because I am always keen to find new favorites!

So there we go! I could have nominated so many more but I'd be sat here for hours! I hope you find time to take a look at these amazing blogs. I'd also like to personally thank each of them because I really do enjoy visiting their sites.

Have a great day!



  1. thank you so much, what you said was so sweet! you are too nice! i love your facts. i used to dress goth too and i LOVE salt and vinegar
    chips! they are my favorite

    1. Your very welcome! :) You were a goth too?! I'd never have guessed! I love bright colours too much to go back to all black haha :D

  2. Cool to know more about you! :) Weird that there aren't any salt n vinegar crisps in the netherlands..I thought that they existed with some brand everywhere. I'm not so found of them though, but I do share your "weird" habbit of licking my crisps before eating them..haha ;)

    1. Thanks again Gelic! I occasionally see some salt and vinegar chips here but its not as widely available as it is in England, boohoo! I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that! :D

  3. It was nice to learn more about you! Thank you very much for nominating me again! As I am not English I can not share your love for salt and vinegar chips ;-)

    1. Awh thankyou and your welcome! :) I think salt and vinegar is very English! Maybe because we're known for our fish and chips which are normally very vinegary and salty!

  4. Love Salt and Vinegar Crisps! I never lick them before I eat them anymore, I always used to when I was little though!

  5. Wow I'm blushing! You say such lovely things about me. Thank you so much for the award xx


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