China Glaze: Sunshine Pop! Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you doing? I can't believe how quickly time is going by, I feel like I've barely got anything done so far this week but amazingly its under three weeks until I can visit my family in England, hurrah! Do you feel like this year is going so fast? Today for your brow-zing pleasure I have China Glaze's 'Sunshine Pop' from the 'Electropop Spring 2012' collection.
Colour ~ Sunshine Pop is a wonderful clear bright yellow with very subtle silver/white shimmer. The shimmer is very fine but it flashes through nicely in the light. Its more visible in the bottle than on the nail but you can still see it! I wouldn't say its a pure neon but it really does have a bright lovely glow.

Application ~ Pretty great in terms of application. Unlike a lot of yellow that can apply and appear chalky and streaky I had no problems with Sunshine Pop. In fact what your looking at is two thin coats and a top coat and as you can see that’s all it needed!

 Texture ~ Rather thick, so beware as to how much you have on the brush. Its a perfectly workable texture and you should have little to no problems.

 ★★★★★/5 Oh yes! While yellows are not my most loved colour there is something really nice about this polish. I love the subtle shimmer, I love that it has a great texture and applies like a buttery dream and I like that it isn't solid acid neon bright nor pastel. Sunshine Pop is one of those shades that you'll actually feel pretty great when you glance at your nails!

If I borrowed this from a friend would I then buy myself a bottle? Totally, Its a nice change to have a bright 'neon' yellow that doesn't remind me of those reflective road jackets, ya know what I mean?

What do you guys think of Sunshine Pop? What’s your favorite yellow?
Stay happy, lovelies!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Little Monster, me too! Its great for nail art pieces!

  2. Ohh yes, this year is going really fast !

    It's a really pretty colour ! I don't remember the name of my favourite yellow, but it's from the brand Catrice.

    1. I'm glad I am not the only one who thinks so! It really is! I've still yet to try Catrice but I think I know what shade your referring to! :)

  3. The shimmer is so pretty! I am not a huge yellow fan but I might sometime buy a very delicate yellow polish.

  4. Yay, I love yellows and this was not an exception! :) Somehow I think I got this but I don't think so since it's rather new. :P

  5. I know you're up to a lot right now, but that doesn't stop me for nominating you to the Blog your heart out award! :D Go and collect it at my blog! ;)

  6. i miss spring ! this is so lovely color dear !


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