Model's Own: Toxic Apple Ice Neon Collection Swatch & Review

Allo again polish pals!
Hope your having a great start to your week, hows it going? It was a pretty eventful non eventful weekend here and while I and my partner are sick somehow I am still ahead of blogging. No idea how that happened but I don't mind! :D Today I am sporting a humongous mosquito bite on my forehead! Just thought I'd share that with you. Today I am sharing another Ice Neon polish from models own, this time I have Toxic Apple to show you!

Auto Contrast: This what I see in outside light.
Colour ~ Toxic apple, as the name suggests is a very intense apple green. If I had to say which tone this leads towards I would have to guess yellow. I would say the neon in this polish is a lot stronger than that of 'Bubblegum' or 'Pukka Purple'. If your looking for a neon green this is it!

Application ~ I was a little shocked with Toxic Apple, its much sheerer than its sister polishes. I applied three coats and had no trouble at all.

 Texture ~ Just like the previous nail polishes I reviewed from the Ice Neon collection Toxic Apple has the same jelly-ish thick consistency so application was a breeze as longs as the previous coats where completely dry and I didn't overload my brush. Its better to start out with less and add if need be. Applying coats too fast or applying too much polish in one time will result in bubbles; But that’s totally avoidable. I love the finish of this polish, It looks so smooth almost as if plastic has been wrapped over the nail. Almost like melted vinyl.

 ★★★/5 While I do really like this polish I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't as opaque as I expected. It took more work than Bubblegum or Pukka Purple and I could still see the free edge of my nail ~ I don't like that. But if you looking for a good green neon polish with a beautiful finish I would recommend it.

If I borrowed this from a friend would I then buy myself a bottle? Sure if I had something similar. Even if I did I am not sure many other neon polishes has this wonderful plastic-like finish so yes!

 Have you tried any polishes from the Ice-Neon collection yet? What do you think of this intoxicating green, do you have a favourite go to neon-green?



  1. I have a few from this collection and I really love them layered over white. As a stand alone colour I'm not really a fan because they are fairly sheer, I also love the yellow!

    1. Great to have a base color when something is too sheer, I always rely on light polish for my water marbles to take so that's great advice! I did find the others much more opaque than this one which was what surprised me most! I'd love to get my hands on the yellow! :)

  2. I like the shade but it was very sheer. I'd try layering it over white to really make the color pop or maybe use it in a jelly sandwhish :D

  3. Love the neon and the finish. But a sheer polish is so annoying!


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