NYX Girls: Frizzy Spots Swatch & Review

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How are you doing? Can you believe we're almost at the weekend, again! Before I move onto today's swatch post I'd like to remind my readers that I am looking for guest posters. You don't have to own a blog to be a guest poster so those who hobby nail art without a blog are welcome to apply too! You can enter by clicking the 'Looking for Guests!' link above. Now! onto 'Nyx's Girls 'Frizzy Spots' which is even more pretty in real life! Please click the 'read more' button as this is a very picture-heavy post!
Frizzy spots: One coat over 2 coats of W7's Black
Three Coats of Frizzy Spots!

Colour ~ I want to start off by saying I wore and swatched this on top of two coats of W7's 'Black' as I really wanted to show you how fantastic the glitter in this polish is. 'Frizzy Spots' is a beautiful holo-filled glitter. There are holographic medium sized hexagon glitter and small round glitter set in a black jelly base. Its incredibly sheer but wearing this over a bright colour will dull your base coat as it does have that apparent jelly base.

Application ~ It applied like a dream. I've had it with a few jelly glitters in the past where application can be a little difficult. The polish is packed-full of glitter so I didn't have to go on a giant fishing expedition to get enough on the nail. I swatched with both a single and double coat of 'Frizzy Spots' and while I love the glitter I prefer a single coat. The dry time was next to none and my top coat really made the glitter pop out even more!

 Texture ~ Its a pretty flawless texture really. Neither too thick nor too thin, even though it is a jelly texture it applies very smoothly and the glitter is of great quality and size that it sits nicely on the nail bed. Yay for glitter polish that doesn't snag and stick out in awkward places!

 ★★★★/5 I do really like this polish, when I move my hand in the light its a little rainbowy galaxy of sheer cosmos beauty. As for how many looks I will make with this polish I am unsure due to its blackish jelly base. I am thinking that a very thin holographic polish may work and look pretty. It slightly reminds me of Barry M's 'Diamond Glitter' just with a darker base :)

If I borrowed this from a friend would I then buy myself a bottle? Definitely! What's not to love? Whether you want a little sparkle or a whole beaming bunch of glitter you can achieve either with this polish!

Have you tried NYX's Frizzy Spots? What did you think of it, do you have a go-to holo glitter?

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  1. This was nice, I like that the glitter didn't "drown" in the black like I've seen in some other polishes alike this one. :)

    1. I know *just* what you mean, Gelic! Luckily it sat right on top and I think its black-ish jelly base kept it looking completely separate from its black base layer :)

  2. Very cute glitter bomb! Black and glitter is such a stylish combo!

  3. Wow this polish is so cute! I don't usually like black nail polishes but this one is just.. wow!

    1. I agree with you, some black glitters can be a bit meh but I think the glitter sizes really help! :)


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