PIcture POlish: Marine Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
Another start to a week so lets have a coffee break with a swatch and review post, shall we? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, did you make the most out of the beautiful weather? Today I have Picture Polishes 'Marine' to share with you! “Deeper and Deeper, See The Blue See!'

Colour ~ Marine is a beautiful mid-teal/light aqua colour. In low light it can appear slightly muted and musky (Giving it that wonderful teal appearance ~ It makes me think deep sea seaweed!) but once you see it in full light it really seems to come to life!

Application ~ Just like the other Picture Polishes I've been lucky enough to play with the application is just wonderful. It has a nice brush which is wide but not too wide to create problems. I applies like a dream in two coats and has a beautiful shine to it even before applying my topcoat. No bubbling or streaking, nada!

 Texture ~ Completely smooth, I really had no complaints from this polish at all. It has a beautiful creme-like formula. There's not a lot more I can really say on the matter but if you read my review of 'Twinkle' I would consider this to be exactly the same in application.

 ★★★★★/5 I personally really love this polish, its such a versatile colour which means its great for pairing with many colours and looks for tons of manicures. Hmm, I'm seeing this one in tribal designs, sea manicures..Not only that I like that 'Marine' can look slightly different depending on the lighting. In sunlight I had that feeling I love I couldn't stop staring at it!

If I borrowed this from a friend would I then buy myself a bottle? Definitely! Perfect texture, a dream to apply; And of course its a wonderful colour! If you don't have a similar shade in your collection I really recommend adding this beauty into your polish stash!

Have you tried any of Picture Polishes shades? What d you think of this shade?




  1. beautiful color, its perfect for nail art!

  2. I'm glad you agree Little Monster!

  3. Literally the whole picture polish range is on my wish list. I love them all but don't own any. This colour looks lovely on you :)

  4. Wow, this looked beautiful! So navy like, I'd bet this looks awesome in a nail art, maybe sailor theme ;)


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