Picture Polish: Mirage Swatch & Review ★★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
It's been too long! How are you all doing? :) I can't help melting a little in this heat here in Holland but I'm loving it despite a few moans here and there (I'm in awe at my English friends on facebook who are complaining about the heatwave in England - No offense to anyone! But come here for a while :P ). Tomorrow I am getting my crazy-poofy hair cut ~ That's a first for me here since leaving England and after 5 or more months, my hair needs it! How are you doing with this heat? Lets all cool off with Picture Polishes 'Mirage'.

Colour ~ Mirage is a beautiful opalescent polish that flashes from light blue, green, lilac and silver. Its colour really shifts depending on what light your showing it off in. Mirage.. Think a mermaids drink, fish scales and fantasy colours, please!

Application ~ Which means it applies like a dream, however like a lot of opalescent polishes it will leave some brush strokes. A real good top coat will smooth this out and it can be control with precise polish application.

 Texture ~ Thin and watery! The texture is great but its the same texture you would expect from any opalescent nail polish.

 ★★★★★/5 Yep, This ones a winner, winner winner Mirage dinner! I love this polish, I like it a lot of 'bits' in nail art for the effect it has but even on its own its beautiful. It's 'different' and I like different. It reminds me of sea-shells. How gorgeous :)

If I borrowed this from a friend would I then buy myself a bottle? YEAH! Why not? It has a wonderful colour shift and is very versatile in nail art as I mentioned. Yeah I have Blue/Purple opalescent polishes but nothing that shifts just like this! 

Stay tuned colour-dreamers, I have a few things up my sleeve. Such as an 'Ice cooler' nail art! Ah... Lets all relax this weekend, ok?



  1. I love this color! In fact I have thought about getting it myself. It's good to know how great this polish is in real life. Thanks for showing! And: I am doing great when it's hot. I love it to wear flip flops and little tops and shorts.

  2. I love this polish! In fact I have already thought about getting it for myself. It's good to know that this polish is great in real life. Thanks for showing. And: I love the heat. I love it to wear flip flops every day!


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