Shocking Pink, Kiss-kiss Water Marble and Gradient

Allo my polish Pals!
How are you doing today? Hope all is good with you! I'm feeling pretty good right now. My summer cold is finally going away and I'm full of idea's for nail art. Wahoo! Today I'm showing you some love with a kissy water marble/gradient manicure! Are you ready for some bright pinks? Lets get our Barbie on!

Once again, battling with lighting technicalities
I'm going to like my next nail art better! There's determination for you!
I'm actually really disappointed with this manicure but shh. I'm sure you can work out why; my gradient was just not too good. I did the same colors the night before and the gradient was perfect. But oh well, can't have it all! I am however happy with how my middle finger turned out!

For the water marbles I started with two coats of China Glaze's 'Nude' and used Essie's 'Cascade Cool' (On of my all time favorite pinks!) Picture Polishes 'Water Melon' and Model's Own 'Bubblegum'. On the gradient nails I used Herôme's light pink and all of the above colors. I finally finished it off by adding 'xox' kisses with Mash nail art pen in white.

How are you guys liking this hot pink ensemble? Are you a sucker for shocking pinks?

Enjoy the rest of your day my lovelies!


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