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Allo polish Pals,
How are you all doing? I'm still chilling in England with the family!  Today I am featuring another guest blogger post, today we are hearing from Alice from Nail Art Newbie. Please click the read more button to see the entire post :)
You can follow Alice here: Nailartnewbie ♥ Tumblr

♥ So Alice, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Alice, I live in the United Kingdom and only recently got into Nail Art (if you hadn't figured this out by the blog name!). I only have a small collection of Polishes at the moment but am hoping to continue to build them and add a few more different ones rather than pharmacy/supermarket ones. Another fact about me is that all my Nail Art is currently done with cocktail sticks due to simply me not having anything else to do it with, I also usually do the same pattern on both hands and sometimes I show both in posts if i'm proud of my other hand (it often goes wrong though!).

♥ How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start a blog? 
I started blogging in April this year and I started my blog because I wanted somewhere else to share my nails other than Facebook. I was also inspired by several other bloggers who's nails I adored and wanted to try and imitate. I have a schedule on my blog where I will post once a week on a Friday, this is simply because at the moment my nails will only have 1 design on all week as I don't have time to do more than this sadly. 

♥Can you tell us a manicure you are most proud of?
The manicure I am most proud of is one I have done recently which I entitled 'Formal Floral Nails', although I took inspiration from someone else for it, it turned out so much better than I thought, and I managed to do it on both of my hands which is another plus!
Alice's 'Formal Floral Nails'
♥ Is there a nail trend that you just don't understand/like?
This is very hard, however if I was pushed I think I would have to choose the Nail Beads, although they look really really pretty, I think it would have to be only if you were wearing the manicure for a nighttime as any longer than that and they would just fall off. As I have already said, I like to keep my designs on at least a week and so these would just be useless to me.

♥ What colours do you find yourself reaching for most often?
I try to alternate as much as possible, but I think I probably wear more pink than any other colour, simply because I have more pink polishes than any other colour!
♥ Are there three nail products you can't live without?
Do cocktail sticks count as a nail product? I use them for everything nail arty so without them I would be completely stuck! Big Brushes in polishes, its so much easier to paint nails with these and if not I find it really hard to get things smooth! Cotton Buds, I use these to clean up around my nails and I'm really bad at painting off the nail onto my finger, if you saw it before I cleaned it up you would be ashamed!
♥ Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?
I am still a very new and quite small blog, however I would love any feedback you can give and more importantly any suggestions for what you think I should try and attempt to do! I just hope that this shows you that you don't always need nail brushes and specialist things to produce nail art, even simple things can produce really cool results in my opinion - go wild!

Thank you Alice for sharing your nail art with us! Don't forget to check out Alice's blog to see all of her 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Gorgeous nail art! :D Loved it!

  2. So weird seeing my nails on your blog haha - the only comment I want to make is that one of the answers here isn't the one I sent weirdly - its in a different smaller font so I assume its an accidental mistake but the colour I reach for most often is definitely pink, I just have more of them than any other colour :)

    1. Opps sorry Alice! I just realized that but I have now fixed it. I think that was pre-flight dizziness lol. Thank you so much for guest posting, its fun to feature your art here :)

    2. Thank you! Its my honor to be on your blog and to be able to help you out! :)


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