Model's Own: Banana Split Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
Hope your weekend is going just dandy! I have to say I'm not feeling like I have much energy this weekend but I'm trying to be productive.. Zzz! In fact this was a scheduled post and now I have caught my Partner's sickness, Sore throat require yummy soup! Today I have another Model's Own polish to show you, this is actually part of the scented collection... This shhh is banana's! B – a – n – a – n – a- s!

With Model's Own Scented polishes you have the ability to scratch the top of the lid to smell the scents they added to match each individual nail polish. In this case I smell banana when I scratch and although I have had this polish stashed a way for a while the scent is still there. I guess I was expecting the nail polish to smell but in hindsight I think I would get sick of the smell of banana when I touch my face so I'm glad the smell is just on the bottle cap.

Colour ~ Banana split is a wonderful light creamy pastel yellow. It certainly does make me think of banana milkshake; it is a perfect 'banana' yellow. Its actually one of those pastels that once I apply it I can't stop gazing at it.

Application ~ Wowza! A pastel yellow that doesn't dry streaky or patchy, I'm impressed. I had no problems with bubbles. I also noticed it seems to be quite self levelling because I noticed a few brush strokes which just vanished with a topcoat of Seche Vite and left a perfect finish. I applied two coats of Banana Split.

Texture ~ Its actually pretty good, its quite thick but it does dry in a wonderful smooth finish with a great time. I really have no complaints in terms of texture. I would describe it as a crème. It is in no way chalky, its more like delicious cake icing!

★★★★/5 A high score! 4 out of 5 stars! Pretty damn good! There is just nothing not to like about this shade. Considering the issues I've had with pastel yellows in the past I am glad that Model's Own produced a non streaky beautiful pastel.

If I borrowed this from a friend would I go and buy myself a bottle? If I had nothing like this in my collection hell yes. Also if I had a pastel yellow that dried streaky and chalky I would replace it with Banana Split.

Have you found your perfect pastel yellow? Have you had bad experiences with chalky/streaky pastels in the past?

Enjoy your Sunday, you beautiful people :)



  1. Hi gorgeous! I'm a big fan of yellow and also pastel yellows. I think that the only one I got is kleancolor - pastel yellow, perhaps it's little chalky but not as if it bothers me. Most streaky polishes can be fixed with tc I think. But I'm alsways look for more awesome colors.. The thing I really don't understand with this banana split is the scent. was it only suppose to be a scented cap or did they make a mistake when the polish is a regular one? I don't know if I'd wanted to smell like a banana either, but I was just thinking. XD

    1. Allo :) I'd love to try more Kleancolor polishes, all the ones you show are so beautiful! I was confused by the scent a little too. I'm pretty sure the scent is only supposed to be on the lid; banana scented nails just don't make sense!

  2. Earlier I didn't like yellow, but recently I've noticed that some of the yellow shades are really nice, and this one really is. I like this one. :-)

    1. I have to agree with you Ann-Sofie! I'm not the biggest lover of yellow but I am quite fond of this shade :)

  3. This looks like the most flattering pastel yellow ever! And the formula is a giant plus. I think I need this in my life.. I still have to find a retailer that sells this brand in Switzerland, because I used to shop on british e-tailers but because of mail regulations they're not shipping nail polish anymore, that's so bad!
    hope you're doing fine with your sore throat, sweetie, it's crazy with all this weather changing we've all catch a cold here! take care, xxx

    1. I know Natalia! There's something quite innocent about this yellow. Sometimes overly bright yellows can feel too harsh to look at! I sent you a message referring to where you can buy Model's Own in EU but in case anyone else is also curious will ship Models Own :) Thank you for the well wishes, I hope your family are all feeling better now!

  4. Replies
    1. Agreed, I think is quite possibly my favorite yellow :)


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