N.Nail Silver Star Hidden Pattern Foil Review & Swatches

This product was sent to me to review but as always will contain my complete and honest opinion :)

Allo polish Pals!
How are we all doing? I can't believe the weekend is almost here, time just seems to fly in this household! Today I've been pretty poorly but I'm feeling better and ready to show you my review of these Nail foils sent to me from KKCENTERHK. I've a lot to tell you so be sure to click the read more link below.
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When Kkcenter allowed me to review their nail foils I had a great range of colours and patterns to pick from. I chose the 'Galaxy Star' foil because I loved the metallic shine and super cute stars. I am genuinly loving nail foils but I had such a hard time trying to get to grips with the application. I personally think this is just me and it will take me some getting used to.

I applied two coats of Color Club's 'Harp On It' and once dry I applied a smooth even coat of the Beauty nail glue which was also supplied for me to use. The glue is pretty non hassle and easy to use, I'd liken it to PVA glue and it is described as a 'one day glue'.  It will apply in a milky colour and once it is dry will be completely transparent. You can even wait longer after it is transparent before applying the foil. I then cut the foil sheet to suit my nail length, I gave myself a little larger than my actual nail just to be safe.

Taking the nail foil I place it flat onto the nail with the shiny side facing up. Its important to make sure the dull side of the foil is the side stuck to the nail. I then took a q-tip and gently rubbed over the foil starting from the middle and straight down to doing the other sides. Once you are confident you have rubbed (and gently! I used small circle motions to keep going over the foil but avoid too much pressure) I finished off with my favourite topcoat.

I personally love the highly metallic shine these foils leave; I had some issues with the foil snagging as I went to remove it and the first few times I did struggle to apply the foil without creases. For the most part I started to learn how to apply these but I do think they take a bit of practise!

I think these snazzy foils are a great addition to any growing nail art collection.

Have you tried nail foils? Did you have any trouble applying them?



  1. Love the little holo stars on the foil - some serious bling there! :)

  2. This foil is sooo pretty! I have this one but haven't tried it out yet ;)

  3. It looks amazing! I haven't tried any foils yet but I really want to, I might have to look into this one :)

  4. This looks so great and I don't think I've congratulated you for being a reviewing blogger! :D I also got this rolls of nail foil that I've bought on ebay. However I have no glue yet. Maybe I should give PVA glue a try and see if that works. Otherwise I'll order the real thing. :D

  5. It looks really beautiful. Actually I have never tried nail foils. Hope to try it very soon.

  6. Wow Ithi these are absolutely beautiful! I love the metallic look and this is a great way to achieve it. Have a fab wknd xx

  7. It's so pretty ! It's the first time I see nail foils.


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