Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Allo polish Pals,
How are you doing today? I hope your having a good week! Today I wanted to show you my nails which I created in awareness for breast cancer. As you are all probably well informed October is breast cancer awareness month and I wanted to create a suitably pink manicure for this post.
Its a tragic fact that at some point in our lives we may know someone who has breast cancer or even someone who knows someone who has suffered the disease. While medicines and research are constantly changing and growing in resources its important we raise awareness. Us girls have to stick together. Remember the small procedure to get checked can be the difference in the battle. We all know if cancer is caught early the changes of remission are greater, so please please please don't put this off. While there are so many tragic losses at the hands of breast cancer there are so many beautiful strong powerful survivors.

I started with two coats of Barry M 'Baby Pink' and layered it with Barry M's 'Rose Quartz' glitter. I then added three stripes using Kiss striper pens in white and pink. On my ring finger I applied two coats of Baby Pink and stamped using Pacific Rapsodi '22' and the BM 321 plate with the ribbon pattern.

Have you been supporting Breast cancer awareness month and how did you do it?



  1. This is such a sweet mani! I love the color of Baby Pink. Recently I got my first Barry M nail polishes and I loooove them!

    1. Thank you Stadtwaldvogel! They are great arn't they?! :) I'm hoping to build my Barry M collection when I go back to England!

  2. Wow it's gorgeous! :-) Thank's for a great post! <3

  3. Great written! I've donated a small sum (I dont have that much money right now but I guess something is something). I really like your nail art, it feels sweet like candy! :D

    1. Thank you Gelic! It made me think of candy too, like candy canes :D Well done also, that's great! I would love to do that also but I'd be paying in coppers right now :( Once I can I will for sure :) xx


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