Hema: Chameleon Green 66 Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How is your week going? All is good here in Holland but the weather is just so bleak and gloomy right now, several times I have braved going outside without an umbrella which is now a lesson I now know well, ha. How is your fall where you are? Today I have a polish to show you from the Dutch store Hema. This happens to be quite an interesting duo-chrome!

Colour ~ Chameleon Green is a pretty duo-chrome that shifts through out many green shades, in direct sunlight I see a gorgeous chartreuse and flashes of striking gold. If I hold my nails away from the light I am almost certain I see dark blue and even teal although this was hard to capture.

Application ~ I had a smooth application and by the second coat I had complete opacity. The only slight issues with application is that because its a chromey it can look a little streaky in places, you know how you get some metallic polishes that just can't be without brush strokes? The appearance of the brush strokes was less when I applied my topcoat but if you look hard you will see them lurking.

Texture ~ Its incredibly on the watery side which means that you need to take extra care around the sides of your nails and the cuticle. That said texture isn't too much of a problem.

★★★★/5 While I love this shade it only earns four stars because of the streaking, if you can tolerate that then its definitely a winner and I find myself unable to stop admiring my nails when wearing this one ~ I love when that happens.

If I borrowed this from a friend would I go and buy myself a bottle? Yes, if I had nothing at all similar I would invest in this one if you can find it. It really is a rather beautiful polish when you see it in person.

Do you have a green duo-chrome in your collection already? Would you be interested in a shade like this if not?

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Such a cool duochroma effect. :-) The fall here in Sweden today is very gloomy and dark. I long for sunny days. :-)

  2. Fun to hear about this brand, I've never heard about it before at all. :D It was also very beautiful! Here fall is almost-going towards winter,snow and rain from time to time.

  3. I once had a polish from China Glaze that looked a lot like this one. So I love it! But I have outgrown the enthusiasm for duochromes. I bought a nail polish from HEMA this summer when I was in Holland for one day. It's a great brand! The weather in Germany is mostly rainy, cold and gloomy...


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