The Not So Handsome Freehand Snow Man

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? I hope your having a great weekend! I can't believe Christmas is so close now, I'm finally feeling very festive as I type this sitting beside the Christmas tree! Today's post features a little snow man who happens to look kind of like a bird... Do you ever finish a manicure and think I know I could have done that so much better? Because for me this manicure gives me that dissatisfied feeling. I created last night with only one sized brush (My choice of tools was so limited :( ) and in low light, I hadn't even noticed the bubbling that was taking place. Now that I've photographed it I feel rather eh.. meh.. about it!

BAH HUMBUG! Ithi Hates Bubbles On Her Nails!
I did like how Foil Flash looked with a slight blur.
I started with three coats of Maybelline's 'Winter Baby' on all my nails. For the snow man and features I used acrylic paint (Which just wouldn't play smoothly!) and added Maybelline's 'Foil Flash' Brocade glitter on my remaining nails. In my opinion I even hate the snow man's eyes. Sigh!

Despite wanting to completely redo this manicure until I am happy with it I have decided to keep it on because I think my Niece will like it. I guess at least one of us will!
Have you created snow man art this year?

Have a beautiful Saturday,


  1. I love this snowman manicure!
    your nails look just perfect :)

    I also love all the winter details that you added to this nail art :)

    Xx julia

  2. Aww the snowman is so cute! He doesn't look like a bird at all don't worry. I love his colours on his scarf and don't worry about the bubbling it hardly shows :)

  3. Your snowman is super cute and doesn't look like a bird at all! :)

  4. Hi Ithi! I find it super cute, you're too hard on yourself, I can't see any of the things you said, for me it's super sharply done and the colours are perfect for the season :-)

  5. i love tho combo color of the scarf ! all nail art ! bravo!

  6. i think this came out nicely! cute and festive :)

  7. Your snowman is too cute and I love the silver accents xx


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