A big thank YOU! Pigment Hearts!

Allo polish Pals!
How are you all doing today? I have to start this post by saying a huge huge thank you! Over the weekend I was lucky enough to witness the #ShareTheLove movement on Facebook; I have found so many new wonderful blogs to love and share. I am so grateful for all my current facebook fans and for all the new people who joined me over the weekend. You helped me reach two of my long term goals which I didn't think I could ever achieve. I went from 61 likes to 220 and I can not thank you all enough <3 b=""> It really has meant so much to me.
Not My Best Pigment Nails but hey...! Love hearts!
On all my nails I applied China Glazes 'Smoke and Ashes ~ Although you wouldn't know it!'. While the polish was still wet I applied various eye-shadow pigments in green and blues. On my ring finger I applied one generous coat of Essence's 'Cool Breeze' glitter (One of my absolute favourites!) I finished off by adding a few dots and hearts with black acrylic paint.

What do you think of this manicure? Did you take part in the #ShareTheLove movement? ~ It's not too late! If you have a facebook account then share your favourite blogs! Keep the love going, guys :)

Have a great day!


  1. Thank's for letting me in on the movement #ShareTheLove, such a great idea whoever came up with it. I love it. I recently got 200 likes on my Colour it Fb-page! I'm so glad. I see that you also got a lot of new followers! Congrats, so glad for it, you're such a gorgeous and warm girl. And your blog is lovely. I love this manicure, black and blue is so pretty. <3

  2. Love this Ithi. The colours are beautiful and I'm a sucker for heart print ;)) xx

  3. dear you catch my favor colors !♥♥♥ lovely nails again!you did it with very shadow very nice ! ♥♥♥
    huge hug for your black baby !♥♥♥

  4. Hi Ithi! I love your mani! You do so well the pigment technique, I failed completely there, lol
    The hearts are very cute too :)
    I'm glad you got many new followers, Share the love was great, but remember, people does not follow you if you don't have talent, this was just a little "push" but the fans you got are totally 100% deserved!

  5. This looks great! You're the queen of pigment nail art! And congrats for all the new followers, you totally deserves it! ^^

  6. WOW that's is amazing, congrats! How can we join? this manicure is so beautiful! the colors blend together perfectly


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