Barry M: Guava Swatch & Review ★★★★/5

Allo polish Pals!
How are you today? Are you excited for the weekend? This post came a little later than I expected. Tomorrow is our last full day in England with my family and I've trying to make the most of it as I don't know when we will be able to return. Not only that but I've been organizing my old PC for my old man to have so we can have better Skype conversations when I am back in Holland. So to keep this short and sweet here's a swatch and review of Barry M's 'Guava' from the 'Gelly' series. I may not be posting again til I return to Holland on Sunday so until then I wish you all to have a fabulous weekend and I will see you all soon!
Colour ~ Guava is a beautiful vivid shade which reminds me of a cross over between teal and a kingfisher kind of blue! Its perfectly bright and certainly eye-grabbing. I also think it sometimes look slightly aqua in strong light. That might just be me.

Application ~ As I've come to expect the application was perfection, this seems to be common ground with all the Gelly's from Barry M. The brush is great, the consistency is great and it is quite self leveling which is always a huge hurrah!

Texture ~ Like I said in the last Gelly review, the texture is a thicker consistency but it leaves a beautiful smooth shiny end product, I have absolutely no problems with the texture :)

★★★★/5 A perfect all rounder, A gorgeous shade with plenty of sassy-tude (Attitude but with more pizazz and sass!)

If I borrowed this from a friend would I go and buy myself a bottle? If I had nothing to compare this shade to I would indeed because I know I am getting a good quality, fast drying, self leveling polish.

Do you have a colour like this in your collection? Do you love a good blue polish or are you seduced by blues when your polish shopping?

Have a dandy day! I will hop on a plane Sunday and see you all soon!


  1. lovely color ! have a nice weekend !

    1. Thank you Bubica! :) Hope you had a great weekend, dear! xx

  2. Such a beautiful light blue colour. :-)

  3. I love blues and this is a wonderful mix of teal and light blue. Enjoy the last day with your loved ones!

    1. Stadtwaldvogel, yes! I have to confess I am in love with this polish! :) Thank you so much, we had a great time!

  4. Beautiful color, I just love and actually prefer light blue creams like this, and as always great review :)

  5. I adore this colour so much Ithi. Have a safe journey back to holland and I look forward to your next post xx

    1. Thank you Lou, do you have this one in your collection? I love all the Barry M's you show on your blog :) Thank you again! xx

  6. This is such a beautiful color!
    It looks lovely on you!
    I love all your articles and your pictures are so pretty ;)

    Xx julia


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