Happy New Year! Glitterific Old English Manicure

Allo polish Pals,
Happy New Year to you all! I'm wishing you all just the best year ever, I hope it is everything you hope it to be. How did you all celebrate landing in 2014? I really had quite a quiet night but that's just fine with me since I am with all my loved ones. Today's also really special because my sister and baby Albie will be coming home from hospital :) While I have some nail art to show you I also wanted to share some things from 2013 and for 2014. Please click the read more button for my full new years blabber.
Serious Glittatude with Southern Lights. Click to Enlarge!

On all my nails I started with two coats of Fearne's (from a collection I received at Christmas) 'High Tide'. On top of this I layered Model's Own 'Southern Lights' in around three coats to get a full glitter coverage. I then took some black acrylic paint and attempted to paint on '2014' in Old English font. I regret the lettering isn't great; I really wish I had some more brushes with me!

How was 2013? I have to say it probably was the best year of my life so far with so many life changing things happening. Of course I made the big move from the UK to Holland, I get to live with my best friend and partner. I met a lot of people both online and offline ~ This includes the wonderful beautiful friends I have made through blogging. I attended a wedding. My dad is in very good health now. I have a new nephew. I'm convinced that 2014 can only get better and I have idea's to help that along.

Resolutions I never admitted it on here but I did smoke... And now I don't! I started cutting down before me and Mr Bravo returned to England and now its totally quits.
A big thing I need to do is to love myself a little more in 2014. I don't know how it started or how it happened but over the last year I have just neglected the things I used to really take pride in. I don't wear make up much any more and its little things like applying lotion after a shower... I'd also go as far to say that my consideration to what goes in my body has differed. I love eating healthy and I'll be working hard to shift the extra padding I have acquired. I blame love, love is comfortable, hah!

How was your 2013, Have you made some resolutions to yourself?
Enjoy the rest of new years day!



  1. this is lovely mani!♥you always have a nice idea,spetialy with glitter !
    wish you all the best♥ and many many posts in 2014 !
    i will be glad to see all of them !♥

  2. 2013 meant a lot of changes for me, too. I moved and married. This is so far the best year of my life because of my handsome lovely husband. It was always a pleasure to read your posts and I am looking forward to do so in 2014! Hope you will be able to love yourself more. It's true, little things can make all the difference. Go, Ithi!

  3. What a great mani!
    We had a quiet dinner the three of us, at home. Played Buzz and saw a movie, plus ate a lot of good food...:-)
    Hope your 2014 will be great!

  4. Beautiful sparkling manicure!
    It sounds like your 2013 was great! I also have a new nephew and it will also be my God son! It was a pretty good year for me too. I wish you all the best for the 2014 :) xxx

  5. Happy New Year!! I wish you an amazing 2014. I wish you health, success and more more polish.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful year, I hope 2014 is even better!


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